Saturday, July 04, 2009

I'm Comin' Home Again...

Well it has come to be that time once again. Yet again I am ready to take the summer off of blogging. Although, I suppose I don't have a lot to take a holiday from here lately.

On Sunday I return to Canada for an all too brief time back in my country of birth. I will be there for just over three weeks (with a quick but exciting sojourn to New York City) before coming back to the Far East, where I'll be traveling for a while before getting ready for my sophomore year in the Middle Kingdom.

This year has been simply fantastic for me. It certainly had some ups and some downs, but all in all China gave me more good days than bad days, and what more can you really ask for than that? Well great friends, fantastic students, career challenges, and new and exciting experiences sure don't hurt.

So China, I'll miss you. Canada, I can't wait to see you, and New York, I can't wait to meet you!!!

I'm coming home!!!!

In my tradition, I'll leave you with some musak to keep you company over the next little while...

Kanye West featuring Chris Martin - Homecoming

Leonard Cohen - First We Take Manhattan

Until next time,