Saturday, January 31, 2009

Predicting 2009

Yeah, yeah, yeah, so I'm a little late on this one, but technically it is both still January, and the Lunar New Year just began, so I'm not as late as I could have been (i.e. if I posted this in December).

But yes, so starts my annual tradition of trying to predict the year, I did alright predicting 2008 (including a daring prediction that the Patriots would not win the Superbowl and that Obama would represent the Democrats in the election), so I figure, why not try my luck once more?


Note: Pretend that dude has my face on it, and pretend that it's in some sort of nice banner, I don't have photoshop from my current location...

1. Prime Minister Ignatieff - Let's start out with another daring political prediction. I think that by one way or another, Ignatieff will be our next Prime Minister within 2009. It seems that the coalition option is out the window (for now), but I think that people are getting sick of Harper, especially with Obama's victory for progressives, that we may just see ourselves our 4th election in 5 years, and the Liberals will rally and win it. Chances are good it will be another minority government, and once more, nothing will get finished.

2. Victory from Beyond - I think that Heath Ledger's performance in The Dark Knight was just too good to pass up. Also, the Academy can gain all sorts of good press by having the ever popular Ledger win the award, making him the first posthumous winner in over 30 years.

3. Original 6 Success - I know that Detroit won the Cup last year, but otherwise it has been a bit of a rough couple of years for the Original Six teams. However, this year things seem to be different, and I think that at least 2 of them will be in the Final Four of the playoffs. I am leaning towards Chicago and Montreal, but I would not be at all surprised to see Detroit or Boston there. Also, expect the Rangers to make some noise in the playoffs. sorry Leafs fans, there is always next year (or the one after that, or the one after that....)

4. Another Three Countries Scratched Off My List - A hold over from last year, and yes, a personal one. But I think that 2009 will see at least three new countries added to my list of places I have been. I am not certain which ones, or exactly when, but it will happen.

5. No Big 3 Bankruptcy - There has been a lot of talk of Ford, GM, or Dodge going under, but somehow, I just do not see it happening. These companies have been around for a long time, and I think that they will find a way to stay a float.

6. Liberal Upswing - In recent years, the world has been turning to more and more right-wing politicians, ranging from Bush to Harper to Merkel, and hell even Tony Blair got more conservative with age. I think that many people have become disillusioned with this and we will see more countries go to the left at some point this year. I already predicted Ignatieff, but I think that some other major Western Democracy will go with another liberal or left wing leader at some point in this year. That being said...

7. Obama's Popularity Will Drop - Sure, I love the guy, and probably will continue to do so, but over the course of this year, there will be some people getting upset with him. He is widely popular right now, and I think that the expectations are too high, and they should drop over the course of the year.

8. The Temperature Will Continue to Rise - Third year in a row making this prediction, and really, do you think that anything major will get done?

9. No New World Champions - Yes, another wrestling prediction had to sneak in here somewhere. I think that for the first time in a long time (the early 90s at the latest) there will not be a first time World Champion over the course of this year, as Jeff Hardy, CM Punk, and Samoa Joe all were this year. For the purposes of a "World" title, I am counting the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE Title, and the TNA Title, all of which have more or less "World" rankings associated with them. MVP, Matt Hardy, and John Morrison would be the closest, but I just do not see that happening until 2010 at the earliest.

11. Star Trek Will Rule Once More - Another insanely nerdy prediction, but I think that the new edition of Star Trek, scheduled for release in May of this year is going to be awesome. It will break the mold of odd numbered Trek movies being udder crap, and will be a great film. The plot sounds great (time travelling Romulan goes back in time to try and kill Kirk), and it is directed and produced by J.J. Abrahms, who after Lost and Cloverfield can do no wrong in my eyes.

12. The Economy Will Rally - I know that this is a bold one to make, but I think that things will bottom out in the middle of the year and start to rally. Here's hoping that I'm right on that one!

13. I Will Have a Great Year - Yup, doing this one again. Kind of cheesy, but should still be a good one for me personally, in some capacity at least.

Tune back in December to see just how accurate things were....

Until next time,


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