Friday, February 13, 2009

Lover's Music - Part II

Hello one and all, it is that time of the year for everyone's favourite Hallmark fueled holiday! As I have done in the past two years, I will be making a romantic playlist, should any of you out there need any inspiration for anything romantical. If you are still getting ideas/suggestions for your special someone, slap all of these songs onto a CD and pray for the best.


1. My Morning Jacket -- "Touch Me I'm Going to Scream Part 2". Not the most traditional romantic song, especially with the bizare spacey introduction, but trust me this is a great song, that really can be quite sappy. Also, it has an exciting energy to kick things off well.

Most Romantic Line: "I can see it the way you smile/I'm smiling too, I see myself in you"

2. Broken Social Scene -- "Major Label Debut". I continue with the excellent uniquely sappy songs from Drew et. al. There are a vast amount of options that are always open. I quite like this song, and think that it fits as a nice followup to the opener. There are two versions of this song (Fast and Original) I would stick with the Original, since you want to slow things down soon, but the Fast is not bad itself.

Most Romantic Line: "I could be here, I could move town/Forced to live like it's a curfew/Translation, means I love you"

3. The Eels - "Fresh Feeling". This really is one of the most romantic songs out there. It is really straightforward and explains things quite well. The lyrics are easy to hear and relate to, and bound to get a tear and an "awww" from even the most jaded listeners.

Most Romantic Line: "Words can't be that strong/My heart is reeling/This is that fresh/That fresh feeling"

4. TV on the Radio -- "Ambulance". I know, I've talked about this song before, but I really think that it is the most romantic song ever made. Listen to it, play it for her, thank me later.

Most Romantic Line: "I will be your one more time/If you will be my one last chance/Fall fast, fall free, fall for me"

5. Mates of State -- "Like u Crazy". A rather cute addition to this list. The light hearted intro and chorus that repeats "I like you crazy" is very catchy and can make you float in the clouds.

Most Romantic Line: "I can't wait to say, all the things you can't see/All the things that make you better"

6. Feist -- "Tout Doucement". An adorable french Feist song. It has a certain charm, even if you don't understand the language, it's still really cute.

Most Romantic Line: "L'amour alors viendra"

7. She and Him -- "I Was Made For You". A great song off an incredibly cute album. For the record, this was made in 2008, and not 1958 like it may sound, it adds a certain nostalgia trip to it all. If you don't like this song, just look at almost any other song from their album, and it'll make your heart smile a little bit.

Most Romantic Line: "When I saw you smile/I saw a dream come true"

8. The Constantines and Feist -- "Islands in the Stream". BEAUTIFUL cover of the Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers classic. This doesn't have the same campy appeal of the original, but it comes across as being slightly more real. I can just imagine people in love singing this to one another.

Most Romantic Line: "We start and end as one/In love forever"

9. Stars -- "Umbrellas". (Stream unavailable, my apologies) A great and cute some from the masters of the great and cute. Like the last few tracks, it has a certain nostalgic feel to it, and feels like a perfect song to dance a slow waltz to.

Most Romantic Line: "I counted all the lights/They don't shine as bright/They don't pierce the night/Like you do"

10. Dispatch -- "Walk With You". From the extended flute intro, to the powerful and easily identifiable romantic imagery makes this one a winner. Go for this one for sure!

Most Romantic Line: "I will walk with you/Using the stars as guides."

11. Matthew Good -- "Song for the Girl". Looking back at my previous lists, I honestly can't believe that this song did not make a previous list!!! It's a great song by a great singer, describing how special his one girl is. It has just enough rock to it to get you out of the comfortable lull that the playlist has probably put you in by now.

Most Romantic Line: "Up again, down again, out of your heard/When she's beside you, you're really not so dead."

12. New Radicals -- "Flowers". A fantasic track from one of the most underrated albums of the 90s. The love story about a guy chasing down a hippie who has been heartbroken before, may not entirely fit your situation, but it's got some great things for just about everyone.

Most Romantic Line: "My love is real/As real as the flowers you smoke to high"

13. Joseph Arthur -- "Honey and the Moon". A great song made famous by the O.C. Like all Joseph Arthur songs it has a bit of sadness to it, but it is still sappy enough to make the cut, especially since it is not going at the end (where it's sadness would be magnified).

Most Romantic Line: "Don't know why I'm still afraid/If you weren't real, I would make you up"

14. Ingrid Michaelson "The Way I Am". This song makes me just plain happy. I am not going to lie, I have a MASSIVE crush on Ingrid Michaelson, and everything that she does makes me smile. This song is just too sweet for me to describe, so listen to it yourself.

Most Romantic Line: "Cuz I love you more than I could ever promise/And you take me the way I am"

15. Coldplay -- "Strawberry Swing". I know that the internet is rife with Coldplay haters these days, but they are still capable of putting out some great songs, and Viva La Vida or Death and All of His Friends was a fine example of that. This song just sounds nostalgic and is reminiscent of a powerful and young love. Even the biggest haters can't deny something that powerful!

Most Romantic Line: "Now the sky could be blue/I don't mind/Without you it's just a waste of time"

16. Moxy Fruvous -- "I Will Hold On". And we finish this list of cute songs with one of the cutest. This is a great, slow, romantic song by a band who is better known for their faster comedic works. It is just a repeat of a bunch of things that a guy would be willing for his love, and boy are they sweet. Just know that if you put a song this nice on your playlist, you will need to deliver yourself. Tread carefully with this one!

Most Romantic Line: "I'll hold the hope that we won't part"

And that just about concludes the playlist here. Let me know if it helps!!!!

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