Friday, October 27, 2006

Random Acts of Glenness, Version I

Here are 67 Random Facts about me. Why 67 you ask? Because that's all I could think of right now!!! I'm sure there will be more of these coming out later on...enjoy

1. My favourite Star Wars Character is Bobba Fett
2. If I could have lunch with any one person in time it would be Dr. Seuss
3. For all that I bitched about Wolfville and Acadia. I kind of miss it now
4. For all that I bitched while in Scotland, I kind of miss that too
5. I'm a lot happier in North Bay than I thought I would be
6. I get really angry when people try and tell me that Captain Picard is better than Kirk
7. I firmly believe in the existence of the soul
8. I think that "Jolene" by Cake is an unappreciated act of musical genius
9. I love maple syrup in my coffee
10. I refer to myself as a slactivist
11. Worst thing I've ever done: Told someone I love them when I really didn't
12. Leonardo is my favourite Ninja Turtle with Raphael in distant second
13. I genuinely believe that I am the happiest person that I know
14. I cried when I watched The Notebook
15. I hate it when people talk badly about any of my ex-girlfriends
16. Someday I want to open my own school
17. I hate those Live Strong bracelets.
18. If I were to ever get a tattoo it would be a Superman logo on my chest
19. When I was younger, Darkwing Duck was my favourite show
20. My baby blankets name is 'ah-ha'
21. A History lesson on Supporting Hitler, totally changed my life
22. I like long walks on the beach
23. I have a 1977 DC Comics pillow case
24. I think that has some of the funniest videos I have ever seen
25. I think that the education system in this country sucks
26. My first Science Experiment: Walking off the bed and not looking down to see if I would fall or not
27. I fell
28. The New Radicals are the most unjust 1 Hit Wonders of all time
29. I really like Chai Tea
30. When I look back at how I was a few years ago, I want to slap me
31. I think that you should never look for love, it will find you
32. My Voice Changing Darth Vader helmet is my most prized possession
33. I wore it to watch Star Wars Episode III too embarrass my friends
34. It worked
35. I wish that I was better at keeping in touch with people
36. I secretly hate people who I consider smarter than me
37. While I like strawberries better than raspberries, I like raspberry jam better
38. I believe that the moon landing was real
39. When I read the newspaper I either go for the Sports or the front page first
40. I consider the I Love You speech in Chasing Amy to be one of the most amazing scenes in movie history
41. I like Shakira's songs
42. My number one celebrity crush is Drew Barrymore
43. Pretentious people really piss me off
44. I consider going to Belfast the most educational experience of my life
45. I think that I could make a great teacher someday
46. My number one fear is getting crushed by the weight of the world
47. I dance in the kitchen by myself all the time
48. Crunchy Peanut Butter kicks Smooth’s ass
49. Sometimes I obsess over my iTunes Play Count
50. I have only ever held a gun once, and I never shot it
51. I would much rather be the inside spoon
52. Nobody makes me laugh more than I do
53. For a smart guy, I make some really stupid decisions
54. I don’t think that there is a “type” of woman that I go for
55. I check my e-mail a good fifty times a day
56. I get stage fright
57. Sometimes I can’t stop laughing at myself
58. I think that a smile is any woman’s most attractive feature
59. The small of the back is a close second
60. I hardly ever remember my dreams
61. 2006 has been the most educational year of my life
62. If I had a million dollars, I would buy you a green dress…but not a real green dress, that’s cruel
63. I like to write poetry
64. Aladdin is my favourite Disney Movie
65. I haven’t thrown a punch since Grade School
66. I can throw a Frisbee behind my back
67. I have a scar between my eyes


Trav. said...

I happen to know for a fact that you've thrown a punch since grade school. Just who are you trying to kid here?

Sandee said...

I was just glenergized.....and it was amazing!!! We are peas , but not in the same pod - - think about it

Margaret DeLong said...

Some of this Glenny has heard already. For the record, I sent him those links to Bill Clinton!
8. Jolene may be my favorite song. You put it on a cd for me for my birthday at Acadia :) You woke me up at 2am to give me the cd's (and a coupon for Glen kisses, which I found again this year). It's 3 years later, and i still listen to the cd's... i've made all my friends listen to them, and i've backed up the files because the originals are almost worn out. I lost 2 of the 3 labels too.
13. Yes, you are the happiest person you know.
17. To me, the LiveStrong bracelets look like rubber handcuffs for which to strap lovers to bedposts.
23. 1977 Comic Pillow: And we both know, that I ahve the matching comforter :D
29. Ewwww Chai Tea. The only thing not in my kitchen cabinet; i ahve a whole cabinet devoted to teas wiht hoity-toity names now.
31. "True love finds you"; That only works for people who leave the house a bit.
40. Chasing Amy: Another bit of pop-culture you showed me. If you come to NS, let
s watch something else with jay and silent bob. Or high animé.
42. I can picture you and Drew Barrymore being really happy, and taking long walks on the beach.
48. Nope you're wrong. Smooth PBrocks.
50. Did I tell you about going to a rifle range a bunch of times this summer in alberta? I'm a great skeet and trap shot!
58. What's the first thing a man notices about a woman? Her beautiful eyes. What's the first thing a woman notices about a man? He's a liar.
(I do believe you though)
64. Did you notice that nearly every Disney movie has a broken family? How many have a mom, dad, and children? Think about it...

G said...

A few replies if I may....

Travis: Did I actually punch you? I thought that I just slapped you, elbowed you, and locked you in a vicious full nelson during our 45 minute fight?

Sandee: wow, peas....cosmic...

Margaret: You should open your own blog to just comment on my blog, that's a lot of info!!!! Thanks for the comments, especially re: 8, 13 & 42.

And heck yes, I'm definetly down with watching Chasing Amy again. It is my favourite movie of all time!!!

Interesting point about the Disney movies, I never thought of that...from Jasmin having a dead mother, to Mogli being raised by wolves, to Snow White leaving in a midget-polygamy society, I can't really think of any Disney films that portray the so called "Ideal" family. Hmmmm...I guess I'm not so weird after all.