Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A Day To Remember

Sixty-three years ago today stands as one of the most important days in modern history. The liberation of Europe from the Nazis began. The end of one of the greatest evils that history has ever seen came to a beginning on this fateful day at five beaches in Northern France (for some pictures and thoughts on Juno beach check out my Rememberance Day blog).

It is quite unforunate that with each passing year the number of survivors of that fateful day lessens. As the heroic stories goes from word of mouth to annals of history, I can't help but feel so incredibly lucky. I have never fired a gun in my entire life, because I have never needed to. I have never been shot at, or really had much doubt that I would live to see tomorrow. I can't even imagine the courage that it would take to charge onto a beach as bullets rain down. So if anyone out there happens to know someone who does understand that, thank them for me. If they hadn't have gone though it, I know that I would have to at some point.

I don't have a ton to add, but I found this excellent video to share. It's the only one I found that recognized that America wasn't the only country who fought that day...

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