Friday, June 15, 2007

Revisiting the Crystal Ball

Way back in January I made some very bold predictions for 2007. Well here we are (approximately) half way through the year and I figure that this is no better time for me to look back and see if I have been right or not

1. A Liberal Minority - Well I'm far less confident of this one than I was back in January. I mean sure, I still love Stephane Dion (we're even friends on Facebook!!!), but I have a feeling that Harper has more evil attack ads up his sleeve, and unfortunately those things seem to work. It's a shame really. On the possibility happening chart I'll put this one at an even 5 out ot 10.

2. The Arcade Fire’s New Album Will Kick All Sorts of Ass – This was as easy as saying that the sun will rise or the sky will remain blue. Since I already wrote about how awesome this album is once before, I can rank this is a Perfect 12 out of 10 on the possibility chart.

3. Canada Will Win More Hockey Gold – I felt pretty brave calling our World Hockey Championship win, since we really haven't had the best overseas record in the past decade or so, but yeah I was right again. I'm so awesome. Another Perfect 12!!!!

4. I Will Go To At Least Three New Countries – Now this depends a lot on your definition of a country. I went to China and Vietnam, so there is two for sure, but I also went to Hong Kong and Macau, which are TECHNICALLY part of China, but have their own currency, customs, and visa regulations, so they are really more autonomous (and unique) than Scotland or Wales are, so I'm counting it. The Glen country count sits at 14 at the, I've got to travel some more.

5. “Here We Go Again” by OK Go Will Remain the Coolest Music Video I Have Ever Seen - Really, come on...

Although the use of moving walkways have snuck into other great videos, including this masterpiece by Leslie Feist...

Yeah I'm awesome, and so right again...

6. I Will Retire from Kodiak – I'm still convinced on this one, not sure how ready I am for it. But I still see it happening, I may come out of retirement in a few years, but this remains a must for now at least. I'll give it a 9 our of 10 on the possibility chart, just in case...

7. The US will not leave Iraq, but Canada will leave Afghanistan – Well they have set times lines into the future, so I think that I am going to strike myself out on the second part of this prediction. Rightly or wrongly, we're in Afghanistan for a while now...I'll give this one a 2 out of 10 chance of happening, just in case...

8. This Blog Will Hit 200 Posts – Yeah, I have posted a hell of a lot less since school ended, but this is post #120, don't' doubt that it will happen by December...It will have a 7 out of 10 chance of happening, I'm leaving a 30% chance that I could get hit by a bus, suffer from small pox, and/or choke on a carrot.

9. Some New Indie Band Will Blow My Mind – Well I'm going to count LCD Soundsystem in this category, because, well it's my blog damnit and I like to be right. Don't believe me that they are right? Well then watch this awesome video!!!

Score, and being right again!!!!

10. I Will Not Eat Meat – Still on the vegan side of things. I hate to say it, but I ate a few eggs while in China, it was damn near impossible to avoid with the linguistic and cultural barriers, but I avoided the flesh while in the Orient, which is a lot easier said than done!!! I'll give this one a 9.99999999999999999999999... out of 10 chance of happening, just in case some jerkish friend of mine shoves chicken down my throat in my sleep.

11. Samoa Joe Will Win the NWA World Title – My wrestling geekdom comes out again!! I will technically be wrong on this one since TNA changed their World title from NWA to TNA in name, but I still think that Joe will get the top prize soon enough. Possibly this Sunday, or if not then than in the fall. A solid 8.5 out of 10 chance of happening.

12. The Temperature Will Only Get Higher – Another easy right...don't agree with this one? Then open your f'n window!!!!

13. I Will Have a Great Year – Man, I made a lot of easy predictions!!! Thus far this year has been great for me for a ton of personal and professional reasons. Don't know why? Well click through the archive of the posts or just ask me and I'm sure I can tell you why...

Well there you have it, looks like I'm mostly right. I've been near perfect on my self-absorbed personal predictions, and done fairly well on the other ones I dare say. I'll check these again in December to see how right I ended up being.

Until next time,


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McNutt said...

Good to have you back rocking in the free world, Glen.

Good call on the LCD Soundsystem - I'd easily rank "Sound of Silver" in my Top 3 albums this year thus far, and "All My Friends" among my favourite singles. Ya done good kid.

The next "indie" (in air quotes) sensation you should track down - The National (their new album is called "Boxer"). Trust me on this one - they're a bit mellow, but I think you'll like.