Sunday, January 07, 2007

The 2007 Crystal Ball

This year is already a week old and we have already had a federal cabinet shuffle, another Canadian Gold Medal, and a Polish bishop got caught up in the spy game. I decided to look into my wonderfully Glenergetic Crystal Ball and see what I think will happen over the next 358 or so days.

  1. A Liberal Minority – Not only am I convinced that we will have an election in 2007 (like any reasonable human should be), but I think that the good guys will win this war. Stephan Dionne will pull this one through, but we will be stuck with our third minority government in a row.
  2. The Arcade Fire’s New Album Will Kick All Sorts of Ass – This one is just a given. These guys are amazing and the first single off the album, “Intervention” is simply amazing. I expect great things from this one.
  3. Canada Will Win More Hockey Gold – This was originally going to be me predicting Canada winning the Juniors. But that already happened, so instead of thinking up something new, I predict that we will win hockey gold more times this year. The Men’s World Championships in Russia this coming spring are ours for the taking.
  4. I Will Go To At Least Three New Countries – Long ago I resolved to have the amount of countries I have visited to equal my age, but right now it is only at 10 (Canada, United States, England, Scotland, Wales, The Republic of Ireland, Greece, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands, and France). While I do have a plan to go to China in April, I could see another two countries sneaking into my list by the end of 2007.
  5. “Here We Go Again” by OK Go Will Remain the Coolest Music Video I Have Ever Seen - Because, really, what can compete with this?

    I really just wanted an excuse to finally post that video here. Can you blame me??
  6. I Will Retire from Kodiak – I know, this is a tough one. But I think that this will be my final Kodi-summer. Not sure if I am ready for it, but I think that the time will be right for both me and Kodiak.
  7. The US will not leave Iraq, but Canada will leave Afghanistan –I don’t see everyone’s least favourite war ending any time soon. Not until 2008, at least. But if there is indeed a new Canadian Government, than I think that troop withdrawal from Afghanistan will be a key campaign issue. So expect at least a plan for leaving Afghanistan to be in place.
  8. This Blog Will Hit 200 Posts –I am rather hooked on this bloggin’ business. I could see the amount of posts topping 200 by the end of December. That is taking into account extended blog-free periods like my time in China and at Camp.
  9. Some New Indie Band Will Blow My Mind – Some new band will join the likes of The Arcade Fire, Eagles of Death Metal, The Weakerthans, Death From Above 1979, The Shins, TV on the Radio, and many, many more as “The Greatest Band I Have Ever Heard…this week”.
  10. I Will Not Eat Meat – That’s right, veganism is here to stay in the World of Glen. I look forward to celebrating 4 year Veggiversary this October.
  11. Samoa Joe Will Win the NWA World Title – Not into wrestling? Then sneak down to #12. But if you love wrestling, then surely you will agree that Joe is the man, and he deserves a solid run with the NWA World Title. I think that he’ll get it at either Slammiversary or Bound for Glory.
  12. The Temperature Will Only Get Higher – Sorry if I sound like Al Gore here, but Global Warming is not something that will just go away. Another reason I am really hoping that Dion is our next Prime Minister.
  13. I Will Have a Great Year –I think that 2007 shows a lot of promise and should be one for me to remember. 2006 was quite the Roller Coaster Ride, but I would never call it a bad year. It really was a fun ride. I see no reason why 2007 can’t be even better.
So there you have it, 13 things that are sure to happen this coming year. So take your student loans, get yourself down to Vegas and make some cash on any of these things!! Come on, would I lie?

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Meghan said...


Yu forgot that 2007 is the year of my wedding.. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that song and that video. One of the best video I have ever seen. Its just too amazing