Monday, January 22, 2007

Our Obsession With the Depraved

A swarm of media has descended upon New Westminster, BC today for the media event of the year. The trial of Canada's most prolific serial killer, Robert Pickton. The man has been accused of killing 27 women, many of which were prostitutes, over the course of several years.

This event became an international media sensation, with reporters from all over the world turning up to cover this horrifying story. I tend to check Canoe to get my news, and their front page includes up to date trial information as it comes out, and it really is quite graphic. There are no doubt many other media outlets filling their headlines with gory details. I won't bother sharing them, I'm sure you can find them elsewhere. All that I can say, is that I'm glad that I don't eat meat...

Now before anyone judges the shallowness of the media type, remember one thing. They are out to get an audience. If we didn't read it so much, they wouldn't do it now would they? The media only gives public the information that it wants.

So why do we want all of this gory disgusting information? This was the exact same thing over a decade ago with Paul Bernardo. It was the same thing five years ago with the DC Sniper. Our society seems to be absolutely obsessed with gore.

Don't believe me? Well why have movies like Hostel and Saw done so well? Why is CSI one of the highest rated shows on television? Why does Charles Manson receive more mail than just about any other person on the planet?

So why do we love this kind of stuff? Are we living vicariously through terrible murders? I really don't know. I seem to be just full of questions today, with no room for answers.

To lighten the mood up a bit, here is a picture of me lying on the spot were they found one of Jack the Ripper's victims. I went on a "Jack the Ripper Walking Tour" when I was in London in 2004. Yeah I know, I'm just as into this gore as everyone else I suppose. Those blurry lines are there since I was low on battery power and this sort of thing happens.

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