Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Things to Share

I really don't have much to say here, I'm feeling a bit of bloggers block. So I just wanted to pass along a few YouTube videos for your viewing pleasure. If you are on facebook then come on and see the real deal.

First off here is one from my cyber-heros, Barats and Bereta, I think that these guys are so brilliant. I love all of the lame references in this video. Probably much worse that I get them all..

Secondly here is a brilliant mash-up of sorts. The Napoleon Dynamite Dance mixed with the theme from Fraggle Rock. I find this so incredibly funny.

Speaking of mash-ups, I mentioned this song way back here. Here is a slide show video that someone made for Come Closer Together. Watch out, the lyrics are naughty.

Now I do believe that Sandee introduced me to this one. It's a Sony add that features exploding paint cans. An act of logistical genius. Best part? No computer animation...

Need help with a problem? Well then Ask a Ninja!!!

Lastly, here is a little ditty that everyone from Acadia should have seen at some point over the past half-decade. The quick story: During Spring Break a sink in Tower breaks and people document it and create this brilliant video. It is easily Travis Smith's finest hour (you can also find Travis right here at Heel was that for a plug?).

That's probably enough out of me. Not sure what I'm going to be posting next. I hope that you found these videos as awesome as I do!!!!

Until next time,


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