Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Reunions, and Birthdays and Weddings Oh My!!!

Well hello out there blogosphere. I trust all is well. I'm sorry that I haven't written in a while, I've just been really busy. I swear that I'm still interested though.

So my past week has been one of the busiest weeks oh ever for me. After celebrating Christmas in NS, I got to wake up at 5am on Boxing Day (which by the way is 4am in Onterrible, for those of you who may have issues with your time zones), hoped on a plane and flew to Toronto where my Dad was waiting to pick me up.

So I return home and celebrate Christmas Part II (Titled Electric Boogaloo) with my Dad, my Step-mother, my grandmother, my full sister, her boyfriend, my half-sister, her boyfriend (although they have been together for a solid 12 or so years, so he's more like my brother-in-law...or is that half-brother-in-law?), my step-brother, his wife (my step-sister-in-law I suppose), two of my step-nephews, and my step-sister-in-law's father...I don't know what the hell he is to me. Sounds confusing right? Well to make it even better, there are a series of conflicts that exist between many of the above mentioned people. Me, being me, tends to stay out of it, and I try my hardest to smooth things out with people, even if they may not be my favourite people in the world. They are family after all. But as a result of this, I tend to end up playing a Goodwill Ambassador of sorts within my own family. Which is, of course, always fun.

Anyway after I ate the last bit of Tofurkey (which I was of course mocked and judged for) and the last dirty look was given, Christmas '06 was finally over for me and I proceeded to get some much needed sleep.

The very next day, I headed out to Missisauga for a Camp Kodiak Reunion. Now even though I have had 4 Kodi-summers I have never been to a Christmas Reunion, I have always been in the wrong Province and/or Continent every time it has came up. But this time it would be different. I had a super great night and it was really good to see all of my Kodi-Friends. It really made me want to hurry up and get these next six months over with so that I can get to Camp. Well maybe next four months over so I can get to China. And then Camp. Yeah that sounds better.

So after a night of tossing and turning on a couch I wake up on Thursday with a wicked sore throat. This wasn't good. I suck it up enough to drive back home. The next day and a half for me was a bit of a write-off. I made myself some soup and slept, a lot.

I wake up on Saturday with a wedding to get to in the booming town of New Hamburg (just past Kitchener), so I have a shower, pretty myself up (with pictures to follow of course). But I would also like to add that this day was indeed my 24th Birthday. Now, I should take this chance to thank everyone for sending me an e-mail or writing on my Facebook Wall or any other forms of kind wishes. I do really appreciate. But, since my father does not have Facebook, he did not get a reminder as to the significance of the day. It was not until after my mother called me to wish my a Joyous Day of Birth, that he clued in and wished me a happy birthday.

Anyway, I hoped into my car and took off thinking that the wedding would start at 3 for some unknown reason. Also, I guess the Lord listens to me complain about Global Warming enough that she decided to make it snow on my birthday. So off I go, Westward Bound, driving through my birthday present from Mother Nature. After a while of driving (and when I escape the snow around Oshawa) I decide to look at the invitation again. Well, that sure was smart of me since the wedding starts at 1:30 and not 3. I say to myself "Self, you have to get your ass in gear" and decide that I will be going 140 from here on out.

After passing just about everything on the road, I end up making it to the ceremony with a cool 20 minutes to spare. Anyway, the ceremony was really very well done. Rob and Eileen both looking amazing and I could tell that they were both very happy. Call me sappy, but I have a huge soft spot for romance like that. Especially considering just how awesome these two are, it made it all the better.

By 3, I find my way to the hotel, where I'm sharing a room with two other guys. We have a tone of time to kill before the dinner starts (since Rob and Eileen had to get a zillion pictures taken of them first). What do we decide to do? If you guessed drink and go in the hot tub than you sure are right!!!!

Fast-forward to the dinner at 5:30. The ballroom was really well done up. All of the tables were labelled for places that the two of them had gone in Europe together. I really liked it since I went to a couple of those places with them and I even took one of the pictures that were on their wine bottles. I sat at a table with six people I had never met before. It was really fun, since none of us had an ounce of class, and were all guessing as to which fork we should use and which glasses of wine we should drink from. Best part: I got to trade a cookie for a free drink.

In addition to me obviously being happy for my friends. The night had three major highlights for me:

3) Being wished a happy birthday by Eileen during her speech and being presented with a celebratory plate of Birthday Fruit
2) Having people watch me dance from their tables and laughing. Ohh and people I was dancing with laughing at me too. Good thing I don't have an ounce of shame or I would have developed a severe complex.
1) Early in the night I was talking to Rob's mom and one of Rob's friends. We got talking about how great they were and someone mentioned how strong they were for staying together for a year in Scotland. Rob's mom chirped in "There was this other couple there that had been together for a long time and they didn't make it". To which I got to reply "Yeah that was me". I wonder how her own foot tasted. (Click here for that whole story)

I ended up staying up until at least 3 and waking up incredibly early the next morning, all to get back at it again for New Year's...but that's a whole other story.

Until next time,


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