Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Forgot How Much I Miss Some Things

Last night I proved just how much of a wild and crazy party animal I really am. A group of five of us had a wild and crazy night of Indiana Jones movies. That's right, we watched a solid six hours of awesomness.

While in the middle of watching Raiders of the Lost Arc, I realized something. While I love the Indiana Jones movies, the best part of my night was the hilarious banter that was taking place. I realized that this is something that has been missing in my life since my days watching wrestling in Tower. A close group of friends with similar interests who are able to make me laugh so hard that it hurts. I'm sure none of you will get this, unless you were there, but here were some of the things that made me laugh the most:

- (after Indie drives a guy in a motorcycle off of a cliff that just appears out of nowhere)
Me: Where did that cliff come from?
Josh: Erosion.

- Our game of seeing who else was in any other "Epic Trilogies" besides just Harrison Ford. We came up with Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen (who were both in X-Men, Steward was in four Star Trek Movies, and McKellen was of course Mother F'n Gandalf), ohh and Orlando Bloom upon the creation of the third Pirates. But that didn't stop us from coming up with other hilarious ideas and ultimately lead to Angie asking why they never made a sequel to Shindler's List.

- My constant attempts at Action Hero wit, such as "He had to be let go" when someone was dropped down a cliff, ultimately being met with silence.

- The realization that I would have much more luck with women if I just wore a cool hat and carried a whip around.

- Erica trying to drink every time that that Indie used his whip. Too bad she only had a squishie.

- Debating the effectiveness of Unionized Goons.

- Josh and I constantly drawing parallels between Indiana Jones and Star Wars, too bad nobody else got the references like we did.

- When it looked like I was going to fall asleep, I was threatened to be leg dropped, have my hand placed in warm watter or have my bra put into the freezer.

A ton more of highlights that I can't begin to remember. But easily the highlight was the feeling of closeness I had with my friends. Sorry to sound too after-school-special here, but I haven't felt that same level in a long time. After running around for the past several weeks (one could even argue months or even years) it was nice to feel settled again. So I just wanted to say thank you to Kim, Josh, Erica, and Angie for taking me to happy place night. I'm excited for when we finally do Star Wars or Lord of the Rings next!!!

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