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Some Insights Into My Twisted Mind, Volume IV

I was just thinking that I needed to add another one of these up here sometime soon, and then as luck would have it we did my all time favourite bit of psycho-analysis in Management Class today. That's right this entry will not be about me being a former President, a guy with a cool hat, or a big fat loud mouth, no sirree, this one is about what colour I am.

First off, I have done the True Colours test more times than I care to name, but every time I get something a little bit different and I am absolutely fascinated by it. For those of you unfamiliar with this particular test, the purpose is to divide everyone into one of four different colours, Orange, Gold, Green, and Blue. The test is quick to point out that everyone is a bit of every colour and it is the varying degrees which make it more interesting. Just so we are all on the same page, here is the right up it says for each colour, courtesy of http://www.mytruecolors.com/:


Orange represents energy, consuming physiological potency, power, and strength. Orange is the expression of vital force, of nervous and glandular activity. Thus, it has the meaning of desire and all forms of appetite and craving. Those with Orange as a Primary Color feel the will to achieve results, to win, to be successful. They desire all things that offer intense living and full experience.

Orange generates an impulse toward active doing: sport, struggle, competition and enterprising productivity. In temporal terms, Orange is the present.

Gold is the body's natural perceptions. It represents a need to be responsible, to fulfill duties and obligations, to organize and structure our life and that of others. Those with Gold as a Primary Color value being practical and sensible. They believe that people should earn their way in life through work and service to others.

Gold reflects a need to belong through carrying a share of the load in all areas of living. It represents stability, maintenance of the culture and the organization, efficiency, and dependability. It embraces the concepts of home and family with fierce loyalty and faithfulness.

Green expresses itself psychologically as human will in operation: as persistence and determination. Green is an expression of firmness and consistency. Its strength can lead to a resistance to change if it is not proven that the change will work or is warranted. Those with Green as a Primary Color value their intellect and capabilities above all else. Comfort in these areas creates a sense of personal security and self-esteem.

Green characteristics seek to increase the certainty of their own values through being assertive and requiring differences from others in intellectual areas. They are rarely settled in their countenance, since they depend upon information rather than feelings to create a sense of well-being. Green expresses the grounding of theory and data in its practical applications and creative constructs.

Blue represents calm. Contemplation of this color pacifies the central nervous system. It creates physiological tranquility and psychological contentment. Those with Blue as a Primary Color value balance and harmony. They prefer lives free from tension... settled, united, and secure.

Blue represents loyalty and a sense of belonging, and yet, when friends are involved, a vulnerability. Blue corresponds to depth in feeling and a relaxed sensitivity. It is characterized by empathy, aesthetic experiences, and reflective awareness.


So before you all read ahead, anyone who has not done this test with me (i.e. anyone who I know from somewhere other than Kodiak or Section 23), give those profiles a read over again and try and guess what my colour is.

You picked orange right? I felt a lot of eyes in the class today looking my way when they read off the Orange Description.

We had to rank a variety of different attributes from 1 to 4, and the highest possible score for any given colour was 24 and the lowest possible score was 6.

So here are my True Colours:

Gold: 6
Green: 13
Orange: 18
Blue: 23

That's right, I am most definitely the emotional type and not the adventurous loud mouthed type.

The part that gets me every time is just how accurate this test is at describing me. We were given a table with the one heading "Area of Life" that described different characteristics of each colour. I am not going to bother typing all of these up right now, but I just wanted to highlight a few of these blue characteristics.

Under "fantasy to be", we Blues are listed as "a messiah". I can't say that I really argue with that one to say the least. On a hilarious side note the green were listed as "a wizard".
Under "guilt", it says "let someone down".
By "mood in relationships", we are "meaningful".
Apparently I am rewarded by "acceptance of who they are".
And nurtured by "vision of a better world".

Also they had a section of symptoms of what to look for when people of the different colours (man I feel so racist typing that up!!!) are having bad days and for Blues it says two that caught my eye, namely, "Attention-getting misbehaviour" and "Fantasy, day-dreaming and trancing out". That first one really makes me laugh.

Really very eerie just how accurate this impersonal test designed by someone I don't even know can describe me so very well. But the real funny part was that the professor described the different colours in more detail. He was going on about how Blues tend to take things personally. I felt a huge weight on my shoulders and that it was somehow my fault for taking things personally and I felt a huge rush of guilt. How pathetic is that?

Anyway, sorry to make this really long post just about me, I suppose I really need to watch my ego. Man I'm starting to take that personally!!!

If any of you are interested then CLICK AWAY to find your own True Colours. I would love to know.

Ohh on a side note, as a Blue, I am naturally a people person. I went around my class and predicted where people would be (I guessed their top two colours), and I'll be damned if I wasn't right a solid 9 times out of 10. So if you are going to take it, please message me and have me guess, I take it as a huge challenge.

Alrightie I think that I've ramble on about myself long enough. It is time for me to sleep now. Not sure what will be coming out next here on the ol'Blogeroo. But I'm sure it will kick all sorts of ass.

Until next time,


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