Monday, December 11, 2006

Some Insights Into My Twisted Mind, Volume III

I figure that I haven't done any random ass on-line personality tests in a while, and I have a Unit Plan to finish. Therefore, I decided to hit an oldie but a good ol' Sparks Tests.

Unfortunately I can't just embed the results like I could the other ones, so to see the results in full gimme some click love. But here is the gist of what it said:

You are a Performer!
(Dominant Extroverted Abstract Feeler)

You are a PERFORMER (DEAF)— personable, self-assured, and excellent under pressure. You are extroverted and strong-willed, which, in combination means you are good with people and aren't willing to let opportunity pass you by. Congratulations. I'm sure all the peons you've stepped on never saw it coming and didn't feel a thing.You have formidable creative talents, and you often following what your heart tells you instead of your logical mind. Your exuberance can earn you many friends and admirers, despite your ambition, or it can intimidate the less confident into keeping their distance. It's also possible that you're Madonna.

Compared to 14,963,255 other test takers...

82% are more Submissive than you. 8% are more Dominant than you. 10% are just as Dominant as you.

95% are more Introverted than you. 1% are more Extroverted than you. 4% are just as Extroverted as you.

5% are more Abstract than you. 85% are more Concrete than you. 10% are just as Abstract as you.

46% are more Thinking than you. 46% are more Feeling than you. 7% are just as Feeling as you.


Can't say that I'm all that surprised...I knew that I would be dominant; I tend to get my own way, ha ha ha. The fact that only 1% of the world is more Extroverted than I am sort of scares me. I knew I was a big fat, loud mouth, but I didn't think that I was THAT big of one. And 5% more Abstract than me? Why am I not surprised...I would expected me to be higher on the Feeling scale, but what do I know about my own life? I have only been living it for 23 years...

All in all, rather interesting quick little bit of psychoanalysis. If you want some way to put off studying, give it a whirl and let me know how you did. If anyone out there is more Extroverted than I am, I would love to see it!!!!

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Margaret DeLong said...

I've taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test before- it's a standardized test that companies use, very much like the one you took at spark. I'm ~4/5 extrovert (hey everyone, look at me!), sensing (not an intuitive bone in my body, every decision is based on knowledge, or is trial-and-error), and judging (that means i like calendars and plans ). So basically, whereas you are an extrovert who likes odd ideas and tofurkey, i am an extroverted engineer who likes concrete buildings and, facts about tofurkey (actually,i think tofu would make a cool heat capacity lab).

Also Glenny, you need to lighten up about Christmas. Sometimes people need a little focus on giving, celebrating, and catching up with relatives who miss them. My old roomate writes letters from santa for the canada post, and these are some things she said kids asked for:
-Presents for the poor children who can't afford much
-For their grandparents to be healthy this christmas
-for their dads to come home from their military tours ok
So, it's not all commercialism and western culture. Try to enjoy your christmas break, i'm sure your parents are both looking forward to seeing their extroverted, abstract son :)