Wednesday, December 06, 2006

My Life is Now Over, and I Couldn't Be Happier

Today, I did something I swore that I would never, ever do, and I really feel terrible about it. That's right, I signed up for Facebook. From the second I signed up, I felt so...dirty...on the inside. I could not believe that I joined a trend that I was doing such an excellent job of bucking. But yet, here I am a full fledged Facebook member (by the way, if you are reading this on my Facebook notes, click to see the real deal).

I resisted Facebook vehemently for several months. I claimed that it was too "Big Brother", I hated the idea of the site knowing so much about me for just about anyone to find out. I hated that it was such a trend. To be honest, I hated just about everything about it.

Keeping with human nature, we hate what we don't understand the most. I decided that I had finally heard enough of the hype and joined Facebook. After navigating the site for a brief amount of time, I became an instant convert. I simply love how user friendly it is. What I realized even more, was the fact that it is so incredibly popular is the best part about it. Everyone is on Facebook, therefore I can get connected to just about everyone I have ever met!!! After being a member for a solid 7 hours now I already have connected with 85 friends!!!! Including many that I have not spoken to in a very long time (you know who you are). I have joined several groups including the Aidyn Fan Club (Aidyn is the son of one of my Acadia friends, and a super awesome lad), and a couple of Camp Kodiak groups, one of which I was made an Officer for just being me. How hilarious is that?

To help me express just how widespread the popularity of Facebook is, here are some of my cyber-heroes Barats and Bereta talking about how one of them has Facebooked God.

However, I am rather concerned that Facebook will ruin my life. I have spent a long time on that site today, and assume that I will continue to do so. Ahh well, I suppose I never had much of a life to begin with. Hey it looks like someone just poked me...I gotta run.

Remember, Freedom is Slavery and 2 + 2 = 5.

Until next time,



Dave said...

FACEBOOK ADDICTION! you will never accomplish anything, so long as your computer is on and you let ADD control you, kiss productivity goodbye!

Sandee said...

you are a sell out. I could not believe you gave in to the temptation. LOSEBAG!!!!! Then I gave in too, and I joined. I am also a LOSEBAG>