Monday, December 04, 2006

The Greatest Bit of Spyware I Have Ever Installed

The more astute ones of you out there will notice some slight cosmetic cosmetic changes to the ol'blogeroo. If you look to your left you will notice some more information on the sidebar. For starters, I added a few more Bloggy Friends, including one of my professors, Jason Price. Secondly, I went to some painful details of adding the Blogegories over there, so if any of you feel like reading about say any of my Political blogs you can click on "Real Politiking" (a delightful 19th Century history reference), or if you want to find out any of the embarassing situations I may have gotten myself into simply click "Random Tales" and they should be there. Lastly, there is the "Who I've Been Listening To This Week" table on the bottom of that sidebar, it is the product of my latest addiction,

This is simply one of the coolest sites/plugins I have ever came across. You simply go to the site, create a profile and download a special plug-in. What it does, is it tracks the songs you have been playing in your iTunes, Media Player, or whatever the heck else you use and logs them down. Sounds creepy eh? Well it sort of is, but here's the coolest part. When you are playing a song, you can open up the plug-in and it will give you all sorts of information on the artist you are listening to, and even cooler, it will recomend similar music. As a psuedo-indie-geek I simply love this!!!! Why I was just listening to my latest musical love TV on the Radio and the recomended all sorts of different bands, and as a result I went and looked up Animal Collective who I am listening to and loving as I type here. Cool eh?

It tracks all sorts of things that I listen to and I only have the "Top Weekly Artist" thing on this blog due to space constraints. I will try to add a bit more later on, since I think it is just so incredibly cool. I have been told that the part on my blog will only update every couple of days, so I expect it to look very different than it does now on it's next update.

When you create a profile on the site it lets you check your musical compatibility with anyone else, so you can really see if you and a friend have similar tastes in music. How cool is that?There are also entries on pretty well every band under the sun and you can go and check them out and stream some of their songs to see if you will like them before pursuing them a bit more.

Now I know that I am someone who is normally so concerned over Big Brother watching him that I would be reserved to signing up for something like that. After all, I still refuse to join facebook. But yet, I find myself loving this little bit of spyware!!! I highly recomend that you all go and check out the site by giving me a click and when you do go check out my profile and add me as a friend so we can see our compatibilty. It will be fun!!!!

Lastly, many of you are probably wondering just who the heck this Danny Elfman character is at the top of my list right now. Well, he is the brilliant composer in charge of The Nightmare Before Christmas soundtrack, something currently making the rounds on my iTunes.

Just in case you forgot how brilliant it is, here is the opening scene. Enjoy!!!!

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