Friday, December 15, 2006

"Whooah, we're half way there"

No, sorry, this is not a blog entry about the awesomness of Bon Jovi. If that's what you are looking for, then I am sorry to disappoint.

Today I finished classes for the term. Well technically there is a one hour class one Monday, but since I think that it is stupid for them to schedule it that way, I am not going as a form of peaceful protest. Also, it saves my mother a solid $400 in air fare for me to fly to Nova Scotia for Christmas on Monday than it would if I were flying out later. Seems like a pretty simple decision to me!!!

So as I was saying, today was effectively my last day of classes for the term, making my one year Bachelor of Education program half way done. Meaning in a short four months I will be done taking University classes for a very long time, and maybe even forever. Wow...I can't believe that I just typed that up. The thought of having yet another degree and a career staring me in the face both thrills and terrifies me. I am that much closer to being "grown up". Now that is a scary thought. On one hand I feel that I have taken enough schooling and am in dire need of starting the rest of my life, but on the other hand I can't help but feel unprepared. I mean, I can barely take care of myself, how am I to be expected to look after thirty-some teenagers?

As usual though, life will happen irregardless of how prepared you are for it. So I guess that I had better get ready to start a career. However, looking back to how I felt back in September, I feel much more prepared now than before. Accepting that this is what I want to do with my life and pursuing it has been a very rewarding experience, considering the road blocks I have faced (and built for myself) over the past few years.

Now, in the coming weeks I am going to be making a blog about my 2006 in review. So I am not going to bother going on about all that I have learned this term, as you will get a chance to see that soon enough, but suffice to say that it has been a lot.

But I just want to take this chance to tell all my NipFriends out there, thanks a lot for the great term!! I know that the break is barely 2 hours old but I miss you already. I can't wait to make some more memories in the new year!!!!

Until next time,


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