Friday, December 08, 2006

Putting Democracy to Good Use

Sorry this isn't the politics blog that I've been talking about for a while, this is something serious.

The NHL All-Star Ballot has been out for a while and there is something amazing going on right now. There is a grassroots movement to get career 7th Defenseman, Rory Fitzpatrick, voted into the game. And you know what's scary? He is 5th in the votes right now behind only Lidstrom, Pronger, Neidermayer, and Phaneuf, the games elite.

I think that this may just be the greatest thing ever. I can't tell you how happy I would be if Rory gets to play in the All-Star game, it would be just too wonderful for words. It screams Rudy, without the mental disabilities.

Need further proof that this is an awesome idea? Well here is a video made by some people with even more time on their hands than I...

Interested in helping the cause? Then head on over to and make sure you pick Rory Fitzpatrick under the write in candidates for Western Conference. The most important thing to do when voting for him is to NOT include the people who are ahead of him on your ballot (Neidermayer, Pronger, Lidstrom or Phaneuf) and instead take someone like Lilles or Regher as the other Western Conference Defenseman.

For more information you can head to to see just how awesome this is. Come on, this is even cooler than voting for Pedro!!!!

Let's put our democratic rights to good use and make some dreams come true!!!!

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