Monday, December 11, 2006

Why I Hate Christmas

I'll let you all in on a not-so secret, I hate Christmas. It is one of my least favourite times of the year. Why you ask? Well that's what I'm going to fill you in on right about now. However, in the spirit of me staying positive, I promise that for every reason I give for not liking Christmas, I will give on that I like about it in a later blog.

1. Egg Nog -- I absolutely loathe egg nog. And let me tell you it isn't just because I'm a vegan, and am therefore morally opposed to anything cruel and/or delicious. My hatred of Egg Nog runs far deeper than that. It is simply a repulsive creation, and this opposition does not just apply to Egg Nog, it applies to all forms of nog. I am a rabid anti-Noggite.

2. Logistical Nightmares -- Now my parents are divorced, and living in separate provinces. This makes it an intense challenge to try and juggle all of my familial obligations and I always find it overwhelming and stressful.

3. The "Peace on Earth and Goodwill towards Men" CRAP -- This is probably what I hate the most about Christmas. Every year we get the ol' "You have to be nice to people, it's Christmas" attitude and everyone is always being so nice to everyone. Well that's all well and good, but here is my big question, "What about the rest of the year?!?!?!?". Why is it ok to be selfish and mean most of the year so long as you are nice around Christmas? As a protest, I am nice to people most of the year but a selfish prick around Christmas. Makes sense to me.

4. Over-Saturation -- As mentioned earlier, my parents are split. Therefore every year I always end up with anywhere between 4-9 Christmases. As a result, I feel as if I could take the next decade off of celebrating the holidays and end up celebrating the same amount of Christmases as the rest of you.

5. Consumerism, Consumerism, Consumerism!!! -- Ahhh, here we get to the true meaning of Christmas, buying and spending. If you try to tell me that the meaning of Christmas in the modern society is not consumer based then you had better open your eyes and take off your rose coloured glasses. All of the companies plan their biggest releases around November and December just in time for people to start spending. I don't know about anywhere that you are, but Christmas displays in stores came up on November 1, right after the Hallowe'en season ended.

6. Another Excuse to Westernize the World -- Now here is were I get a little abstract. But you all know full well, that Christmas is spreading all over and is really one of the most global holidays in the world. People in all parts of the world get holidays on Christmas. So why on earth is this? Why do people in China celebrate Christmas yet we do not celebrate their New Year? Why do they celebrate Christmas in parts of the Middle East but none of us celebrate Ramadan? Because Christianity and Western Values have been exported to the rest of the world successfully. To have Christmas in China is very similar to having a McDonald's in Red Square. A symbol of the Western need for progress and expansion.

7. Assignments, Assignments, Assignments -- This is just for the students out there. There are always a ton of assignments due around the holiday time. I am stuck with a stupid ass Unit Plan to get through right now. Yuck. I know it is not Christmas' fault, but I still have painful memories of 10 page math assignments tied into the holiday season.

8. The Raising of the Stress Levels -- If Christmas doesn't stress you out even a little bit than I applaud you. I always get so concerned about what to buy for people. I can never afford to get anyone what I really want to get them, and I always get worked up and overcome with guilt at the thought that someone else could have spent more money or more time on a gift for me than I have for them.

So I guess that's enough for me right now. I am in class and I should get back to pretending to pay attention. As promised, I will come up with eight things that I love about this time of the that is going to be tough.

Until next time,



Christielli said...

Mmmmm.... egg nog!

I hate that Christmas has become such a time of stress for some people. I try to stay out of it, and relax, but it's near impossible not to get worked up over something.

Name: Ryan Lambert said...

Glen, thanks for getting me hooked on Blogger. Here's something to ponder...what's more potent -- nog or your thursday afternoon brew?

Until tomorrow, in the G-Mobile!

Anonymous said...

Westernization ie: mcdonalds culture totally wrecking the world one small idea at a time... bah.. no respect.. no respect!

Meghann said...

by the way.. that was me.. not mr anon....