Friday, December 08, 2006

Random Acts of Glenness, Version III

Alright so I haven't done one of these in a long time, so here we go, back by popular demand, here are Glen Facts #106 - 136. Missed the first two installments? Well get caught up here and here.

106. I have one full sister, one half-sister, three step-sisters, a step-brother and three step-nephews.
107. I once served as a judge at a Drag Show
108. The Hostess (a Drag Queen) mocked me for being heterosexual
109. Previous posts about Star Wars: 8, not nearly enough
110. I was Straight Edge for over a year
111. I moved to Scotland and therefore reverted
112. Amount of countries I have been to: 10
113. I want that number to match my age, for the rest of my life
114. I have my previous "Random Acts of Glenness" open to make sure that I don't repeat anything
115. Sometimes I wish that I didn't have a computer
116. Most of the time I know better
117. I would much rather drive a standard than an automatic
118. I always wanted to be an actor when I grew up
119. I really hope that I get to go to space at some point in my life
120. I have gained about 10 pounds in the past 8 months or so
121. I really love the snow
122. However, I hate the cold
123. I take on sugar in my coffee
124. I played on my Elementary School basketball team in Grade 8
125. Favourite Hockey Team: Ottawa Senators
126. Some animal rights people really anger me
127. I bit my nails until I was 21
128. I love the show Lost
129. I can't decide if I am a dog or a cat person
130. I believe in God, the metaphor
131. I have a really high self-confidence, and I worry that I am too cocky
132. My family is really important to me
133. Song I'm listening to right now: "Hump my Tunnels", a mashup of Black Eyed Peas and The Arcade Fire. It is a musical abomination of epic proportions, but yet I can't stop listening to it
134. I am really excited to go to China in April
135. I remember my first kiss like it was yesterday (and no before any of you smart asses chime in, it was not yesterday!!!)
136. I saw an all female performance of "Much Ado About Nothing" in Shakespeare's Globe

That's probably enough out of me for now, I'm running out of unique things to say about myself. I 'm pretty boring you know.

I still owe a blog about politics and I have a couple of ideas for Christmas related blogs, and at least one or two more about school for this last week I have ahead of me. Or maybe I can just waste more time on Facebook...

Until next time,


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Anonymous said...

Random acts of Glenness!!! Now imagine some random acts of Old Man Robbness!!!