Saturday, December 23, 2006

About Time I Was Given Recognition

Well I am sure that you have all heard by now, but I was named Time Person of the Year. I know, I know, I should have posted about this earlier but as you can imagine I have had a very hectic schedule of late. I have barely had a spare moment to blog my little heart out, what with all of the autograph signings and television interviews that come with such a distinct honour.

When I found out that I was named earlier this week, I was genuinely touched. I felt flattered, yet somehow humbled to be joining such great predecessors as Bono, FDR and Stalin. Yet there is one thing about this whole ordeal that I can't help but feel miffed at. I have to share this honour. If there is one thing that I hate, it is sharing the spotlight. I like things to be all about me, and stupid Time decides that I have to share this award with 6.5 billion jackasses out there. No offense to you of course.

So here I am, having to share something that I have worked so hard for with so many people. I can't help but feel depressed as a result. Time awarded it to "You" (meaning me) for spearheading this whole Web 2.0 thing that we keep hearing so much about. When it comes to Web 2.0 I really am the perfect person to be honoured. I right this very amazing blog that you read, I am thoroughly addicted to Facebook, I visit YouTube (and now all the time, and I believe everything that is said on Wikipedia!!! Who could deserve this honour more than me?

The people who invented all of these great things you say? Well you may have a valid point there, but really, what use is an invention if nobody ever uses it? I mean would we consider Thomas Edison a genius if we all decided to live in the dark? Would people care about Johan Gutenberg if the world had remained illiterate?

My point is that without me the inventors are nobody. Who do people remember more, the cowboys or the people who invented the gun and lasso? Case and point, I am John Wayne and they are merely Samuel Colt, a footnote on the greatness of history.

But alas, politics have once again taken over. Instead of my sheer awesomeness being recognized and there being parades held in my honour, I am forced to accept the compromise of this whole "You" (meaning all of us) thing. I guess I will have to hold my head up high and keep on blogging and YouTubing my heart out.

There is always next year, after all.

Until next time,


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