Sunday, November 05, 2006

Random Acts of Glenness, Version II

So, due to the large amount of comments I got on the first section of this (either on the blog, or in person) I decided to update this again. So here are Glen Facts #68 - 105

68. I am a vegan (like you didn't know that one!!!)
69. Favourite Food: Falafel
70. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Angkor Wat, Cambodia
71. If I could go to a second place after that, it would be the Amazon Rain Forest
72. I worry a lot about Global Warming
73. Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and I don't know why
74. I recently got 126 lines in a game of Tetris
75. I still hate those Live Strong bracelets
76. I love my red fake Converse High Tops...a lot
77. I have a Homer Simpson comforter
78. I'm really afraid that the Conservatives will get rid of gay marriage
79. Every time I listen to the album Funeral by The Arcade Fire, I find something more that I like about it
80. I am really good at cribbage
81. I have been trying to learn how to play guitar for two years
82. I can do a one handed cartwheel
83. I have a Superman towel
84. Song I'm listening to right now: "Miss Alissa" by The Eagles of Death Metal...highly recommended
85. I share a birthday with Tiger Woods
86. I feel completely lost without my Nalgene bottle
87. I remember the day that my parents split up like it was yesterday
88. I use an Oral B, Crossaction, Vitalizer tooth brush
89. I think that "Lost Cause" by Beck is one of the saddest songs I have ever heard
90. I don't think that I made the most of my undergrad years
91. I think that John Mayer is a tool
92. Tool, on the other hand, I quite enjoy
93. I once saw Micheal Jordan play
94. My rank of the Star Wars movies: Return of the Jedi, Empire Strikes Back, Revenge of the Sith, New Hope, Attack of the Clones, Phantom Menace
95. Every time I watch Empire Strikes Back I like it a bit more
96. I've been told that I think about Star Wars way too much
97. I disagree
98. Song I'm listening to right now: "New Slang" by The Shins...highest possible recommendation
99. While the above song didn't quite change my life like Natalie Portman said it would, it's still pretty freakin' great
100. I almost took a Business Degree
101. I am so glad that I didn't
102. Favourite Spice: Cumin
103. I make awesome sweet potato fries
104. Best concert I ever went to: Franz Ferdinand
105. Boxers all the way


Ryan said...

1. re: Arcade Fire - see what happens when you listen to what I say about musics? Ka-ching!

2. re: Star Wars - who the hell prefers Revenge of the Sith to A New Hope? Glen Russell, your movie-ranking never ceases to amaze and perplex me.

G said...

Yeah, yeah I owe you all of my worldly possessions, my soul, first born child and a large slushie for introducting me to the Arcade Fire.

And lots of people prefer Sith to Hope!!! I swear I'm not the only one!!! Sith is amazing, it has it all adventure and excitment (even though a Jedi craves not such thing), Palpatine throwing the whole Senate at Yoda, Anakin getting flung into a pit of lava, the hilarious Darth Vader scream, and Sam F'n Jackson. How can you knock that one?

Ohh and Last Crusade is just better than Raiders of the Lost Ark, you are clearly wrong. May you drink from the wrong grail for thinking to the contrary.

Margaret said...

I read "favorite spice" as in Spice Girl, and was thinking "Hmmm, Ginger Spice was really audacious in a good way, and broke up the band to do what she wanted, but Posh Spice married David Beckam (sp?) and remains an amazing English style icon to this day, althought i'm not sure why she chose to spend Paris fashion week with Katie Holmes.... tough call!" Then i realized where it was going. Cumin is good, but I'd def. put it way below Summer Savory and all the Clubhouse(TM) staples. And Caesar rimming spice.

John Mayer is great.

New Slang is awesome. I've had the album for months, and still have only learned like three songs.

How can Star Wars I and II (the new ones) even make the list? Both are tied for Christian-Hadenson-Is-A-Woman.