Thursday, November 02, 2006

Only me...

So the other day, I was sitting in my Curriculum Development and Evaluation class listening to a presentation on Behaviourism. They were talking about some of the key behaviourists, mainly Pavlov, Watson and Skinner.

Anyway, my buddy Josh is in the middle of a talk about Watson, and some people at my table pass a tiny little note over to me, it reads:

"Whenever someone says 'Watson' stand up and say 'Elementary my dear Watson!' and sit back down.


I ignored the fact that they disregarded the last line of the paper. I figured that they were just uncomfortable with standing up and shouting so they passed it off to the one person in class who has no inhibitions what so ever. I gladly took the paper, laughed a bit, and got ready. Since Josh was in the middle of his spiel about Watson I realized that he had said the name a good five times by that point. I felt really bad, I didn't want to let him down, so I figured I would make up for it by being extra enthusiastic in a way that only I can.

I wait for a bit and he finally says 'Watson', I take the opportunity to get up and say "ELEMENTARY MY DEAR WATSON!!!!" at the top of my lungs to a chorus of laughter from the classroom. I sit back down, thinking I have somehow helped their presentation, although I wasn't sure as to how exactly. Josh came over and pretended to slap me on the head and said 'There, negative reinforcement' (something that they were talking about). I didn't quite get how that was relevant, but none the less, he was the expert here not me. He goes to repeat the line and mentions Watson once more, I stand up and bellow out my line once more. The group presenting gives me the old "What the hell are you doing?/Are you on drugs?" look that we as teachers are trying to perfect.

Then it hit me...the class that was in our room right before also did a presentation on Behaviourism, this note was from their class, not mine. The presenters really had no idea as to what I was doing. I thought that random outbursts didn't fit with their presentations.

So as usual I:
a) try to be helpful but end up making a jackass out of myself.
b) am completely incapable of sharing the spotlight.
c) am an absolute magnet for random ass things.

Only me...

Until next time,



Margaret DeLong said...

Oh Glenn, that is absolutely hilarious. I love it.

Today in class, i again succeeded in snagging the covetted attention from our professor, by screaming in the middle of discussion tutorial. Why? He handed around an enormous box of little mars bars, left over from halloween. After everyone got one, the guys threw the leftovers to people, parade-styles. And then i failed to notice that 2 guys started quietly chucking bars at each other, until one of them hit me in the face. And i Screamed! The funniest part of this, is that it's the third time i screamed in that course. The first time a stapler bit me during a lecture.... keep in mind, that this is my safety course. (Yes you education types, my job is the quiet stewart of safety and human well-being. Engineers aren't nerdy, they're heros.) The second time, my "friend" thought it'd be funny to drop a pencil right down the back of my pants. I SCREAMED. And that's why I really ought to give up coffee and asthma puffers. Hella jumpy.

I also got into a small (15 second) arguement with my mass transfer prof today. The class didn't really take notice, until i said "You're wrong. Excel is very robust."

Sandee said...

I read this to my section
we all laughed.
love the randomeness