Saturday, November 11, 2006

A Slight Glen Holiday

Just to let you all know I'm heading back to the booming town of Trenton, Onterrible to do three weeks of practice teaching. I'm super excited to get to see my Grade 8 students again, but as such the Blogeroo here may just suffer. I'll try and sneak a post or two in here when I can but I can't make any promises.

So If I don't post for the next three weeks, then I swear to you that I am not dead!!!

For any of my NipFriends out on placement, I hope all goes/is going well for you. To everyone else have a great three weeks!!!

Here is a random Youtube video that I first saw on Travis' Blog and he puts it best when he says "If you don't find this completely hillarious then I probably have no time for you." I'll second that. Hope you enjoy something compeltley random...and brilliant!!!

Until next time,


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Trav. said...

Wow, my blog is so small and infrequently updated... and here you go stealing content! Bitch.