Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Just a Quick Update

Hey all, sorry I'm not posting, blame my father and his insistence on living in the stone age.

Just wanted to say that all is going well for moi. Teaching is a blast, I was observed last week and that went super dee-duper well. I gave an exciting lesson on Adding Fractions and I got to use Fraction Tiles for the over head (I was actually excited to use them!!!). For the marking there is a scale were everything about us is lumped into 4 categories (Exemplary, Proficient, Adequate and Does Not Meet Expectations). He said that I would be marked as Proficient overall, with all of the categories as either Exemplary or Proficient, and nothing below that. Moral of the story, I'm amazing. I am God's Gift to Education remember.

A quick funny story, last week we had school mass (I'm at a Catholic School...yeah I know weird if you aren't from Onterrible) which was fine. But I was talking to a student afterwards and he told me "The communion tasted bad, someone should really check the date on the Jesus". I lost it laughing...I guess I do have something to learn here.

I hope that I will soon get a chance to do some more posting here in the blogosphere. I would like to add some more "Random Acts of Glenness", my first crack at writing about music, my thoughts on the Borat movie (which I am seeing tomorrow!!!!!!!!!), some talk about hockey with my friend Troy, and whatever other stories happen to come my way. I know, so much blogging, so very little time.

I hope to get some more time soon. I hope that all is going well, special props to my NipFriends out there in the trenches like me. Hope all is going well for you!!!!

Until next time,


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