Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Summer That Was...

Hey there, I know that this is my third post since my return from cyber-exile, but we can consider this to be the season premiere of Getting Glenergized, brought to you exclusively here at this blog (ohhh and on Facebook too...).

Anywho, I was just going to try and summarize my thoughts on things that have come up in the past couple of months, be it news, hockey, wrestling, or life in general.

The King is Dead, Long Live the King

That's right, we have a new Home Run King, Mr. Barry Bonds was able to pass Hank Aaron's venerable mark and is now the all-time leader in career home runs.

I'm not exactly a huge baseball fan, but I am both impressed and appalled by Bonds' accomplishments. First off, playing at such a consistently high level for so long is something that needs to be respected for anyone. But on the appalling side of things, the man has been linked to steroids many different times. It's a huge shame that the new sight for records is a cheater. I hope that the person to break it does it cleanly...

Big Brother is Watching...You Protest

At the last summit of the Three Amigos in Montebello, Quebec, the QPP decides that they want to go undercover as some protesters. Fine. They decide that they are going to instigate violence by throwing rocks and other things of that sort. Not so Fine. There is nothing wrong with trying to keep the peace, especially in a volatile situation such as this, but come on, there is a pretty thick line here that was crossed by the cops here. Ohh and they initially denied it too...good for them.

Click here for an actual well thought out opinion on the subject.

Harry Potter Rules, Transformers...not so Much

Enough said.

Free Agent Frenzy...but the Leafs Still Suck

Man, oh man, where there a lot of big names changing sweaters this summer! I've got to say that the teams I'm most impressed with are Philadelphia, Colorado, Anaheim, and the New York Rangers.

I dug Colorado, Philly and the Rangers for signing the big four forwards of Smyth, Briere, Drury and Gomez. Anaheim on the other hand did something pretty impressive, they knew that they had a fantastic team that didn't need much to tinker with, so they just plugged the two big holes left by Selanne and Niedermayer retiring by going out and getting Bertuzzi and Schneider to fill the glaring gaps. Sure Briere and Rafalski may have been better (and more expensive) bets, but Brian Burke did the best with what he could and I'm impressed with that.

Since I mentioned them in the heading, I had best talk about the Leafs. Sure I hate them, but I must say that I am impressed with their two big additions. Toskala is a great goalie and Jason Blake is an incredibly underrated top-level forward. But my only big question mark is the same one that comes for everyone who walks into the ACC, are they ready to be the centre of attention? I have a feeling that the media played a role in Raycroft crumbling down, and I worry if it'll happen to Toskala or not. Sure I may delight at the Leafs crumbling, but I do sort of want to see them make it to the playoffs to lose to the Senators :)

Just to make myself sound like a genius right now, I think that the final four will be Anaheim, San Jose, The New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins.

Maybe It's the Four Toed Statue!!!

Or maybe not...but the next creative dabble by J.J. Abrams looks incredibly promising, and I for one can not wait until January 18th to see just what is going to happen. If you don't know what I'm talking about then give this a watch...

Wasted Opportunities

TNA had their golden chance to make Samoa Joe the Champion of the Universe, but no, they botch that one too. Well done Jeff, well done. If Joe does not win the title at Bound For Glory than the company is going to have some serious problems on their hands.

5 Years and Counting

At my home away from home, Kodiak here, there is a tradition that goes back several years. For every camper and counsellor who has spent 5 summers as part of the community gets a medal in a special ceremony. Several years ago I witnessed a number of my now good friends receive their medals and I looked up at them and I said to myself "Someday, I will get me one of those" and well, guess what, I stayed true to my word.

My good friend, MacAlpine presented me my medal by giving a touching (and inside joke filled) speech about me before I went up and grabbed my hardware. It seems like such a small and trivial thing, but I am incredibly proud of myself for this accomplishment. Every time that I have looked at the medal since I got it I have been reminded of all of the blood, sweat, and tears that I have put into my last five summers, and I am filled with a sense of pride and humility. I'm not 100% sure about next summer or any other ones, but I know that these last five have been so worth it!

Getting Settled In

Here I am getting moved into my new pad to start the daunting task of being a Residence Don/Math Teacher and my first Big Boy job, to say that I'm excited and anxious would be a huge understatement. No matter what happens, expect to find some stories posted right here for your blogging consumption.

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