Thursday, August 30, 2007

Suspensions Abound

I just got back from watching Superbad and was going to write about how awesome of a movie it is, but I get a Facebook message from my good buddy Rob giving me some shocking news. The WWE has suspended 10 of it's wrestlers due to steroid related infractions.

I do some digging I get some more shocking information. Apparently several members of the WWE Roster have been receiving steroids from a company called Signature Pharmacy, which was raided by authorities in February for supplying drugs without consulting with doctors.

While only 10 have been suspended the following wrestlers have been linked to Signature Pharmacy:

- Randy Orton
- Adam Copeland (Edge)
- Charlie Haas
- Robert Huffman (King Booker)
- Shane Helms
- Mike Bucci (Simon Dean)
- Anthony Carelli (Santino Marella)
- John Hennigan (John Morrison)
- Darren Matthews (William Regal)
- Ken Anderson (Kennedy)
- Chavo Guerrero
- Shoichi Funaki
- Dave Bautista (Batista)
- Chris Mordetsky (Masters)
- Edward Fatu (Umaga)

Also linked are Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Brian Adams, who are all deceased, as well as Sylvain Grenier who was recently released by the WWE.

The rumour mill reads that Edge, Orton and Helms links to the company came before the WWE implemented their wellness policy in February 2006, so it could be assumed then that those three were not suspended. The WWE has stated that they will not make the names public, but it will be incredibly obvious in the next week or two of watching the WWE just who is getting written off of television in a huge hurry.

As a wrestling fan I am pretty shocked that so many performers would disregard their health, the law and their employers reputation for purely selfish reasons. But I'm even more shocked that the WWE showed the guts to suspend some of their top names (assuming this list is at all correct). I mean they could potentially be out of their ECW Champion, the Intercontinental Champion, a RAW Main Event Heel, a General Manager, Vince's potential son, the "Next World Champion", and many more solid performers. It should be an interesting next few weeks of WWE television to say the least.

If you are interested in seeing how this story develops check out and for some breaking news on this really interesting story. Even if you are not a wrestling fan, this story, and potential congressional hearing, could be one of the most influential news stories of the winter. Word on the street is that congress is also getting hawkish towards the NFL and lets not forget baseballs new home run king. Sports as we know it could undergo a serious change in the coming months...

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