Friday, November 30, 2007

Stars Week Concluded

All good things must come to an end. After reflecting on some pretty awesome songs for the past six days, I now have no more reason to continue to talk about one of my absolute favourite bands on this planet. The other night I had the distinct pleasure of going to see Stars, and boy oh boy was it a show!

I'm not going to bore you by describing every little detail, or give you a set-list (mostly because I can't remember it or find it anywhere on-line), but suffice to say that it was a great time. They mostly played songs from In Our Bedroom After the War, which is not at all surprising. The highlight of those songs was when they were playing "The Ghost of Genova Heights", Torq came out with a suit covered in lights, playing the part of the ghost. Also, the title track "In Our Bedroom After the War" came across with a special kind of passion live.

They also included all of the favourites from Set Yourself on Fire, including "Ageless Beauty" and "What I'm Trying to Say", but there were two songs from that album that were especially amazing. When they played "On More Night" I was amazed at how loud the crowd was signing along. Torq also dedicated that song to his old gym teacher saying that it was about people "having sex with him until he dies", to a rousing (albeit morbid) ovation. However the highlight came when they played "Your Ex-Lover is Dead". The crowd erupted with noise when they began playing that one and everyone in the building belted the song out until the band turned their microphones to the crowd for the "Live through this, and you won't look back" section. It was simply amazing.

My own personal highlight came during the bands encore presentation. As I mentioned in my last entry, my favourite song of theirs is "On Peak Hill", however I was convinced that they wouldn't play this song from their first album. However, that didn't stop my from hoping that every time they said "This song is called..." that they would finish that sentence with "...On Peak Hill". After playing a few songs for the encore they asked if they could play one more song, and to my surprise and amazement they played "On Peak Hill". It totally made my night complete as I was smiling from then on.

After the concert was over, I realized something. I spent the entire night with a big smile on my face, singing and feeling gooey on the inside. I think that this can only mean one thing, that I have a crush on this band...I'm not if it's healthy, but I'll be damned if it isn't fun.

My two tickets to paradise

Awesome rock-out

Tell me she isn't amazing??

My Angel of Rock

And here are a few more videos that I've found on this wonderful thing called the Internet...


Elevator Love Letter

One More Night

Bonus of Amy Milan covering "I Will Follow You Into the Dark"

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