Monday, May 26, 2008

Finals Prediction

Editor's Note: Super Sorry that this is late, but I SWEAR that these were written before the finals started, and since my prediction is downright impossible now after Game 2, it shows that I'm honest....or stupid....

Stuck in third place having earned one of a possible four points, to leave his record at 8-6, with 12 total points is the writer of this very blog, Glen...

Well another round another disappointment for me. I guess I was a little late going for Dallas, as Detroit continues to dominate. When they won games 4 and 5, I really had this feeling that the Destiny in D would continue, but I guess I'm wrong. However, they shouldn't worry as they look to be poised for some pretty great things. This year however, it was all Detroit, as the team proved to be just too good for words.

On the other end of the continent, the battle for the next generation went for the Penguins. I was actually surprised at how badly they outplayed the Flyers throughout that series, but I suppose having your two best defensemen out will do that to you. The Flyers are another team that look to be deep, as they have a ton of young talent, wit ha core group of veterans, and some pretty great players in their system to bring up, watch for these guys in the next few years.

As for the MVP, it's a tough call between Pittsburgh's two players drafted first overall, Crosby and Fleury have been unreal at opposite ends of the ice, but I think that I'm going to have to go with my boy Sid. He seems to bring more intangibles this time around.

Going 2-0, and earning a bonus point on Detroit's 6 game win, bringing his record to 13-1 with a startling 15 points is none other than Mr. Coin

Don't wake me, it's nap time!

And once more going 2-0, and earning an extra point on Detroit's win, is the biggest talker around...Jeff....

Once again, a immaculate 3rd round for your truly. I have so got this down to a science. Leaving Glen in my dust in this playoff pool is about as sweet as leaving him in my dust in the Kodiak Hockey pool. Like, how many times can one beat another? Well counting the past 2 examples, that makes two, add in the Kodiak Football pool, and that makes 3. I guess you can add in last years Kodiak football pool to make 4. Can one mans failure lead to better self esteem for another............stay tuned to find out.

In other news.....lets take a look at the 3rd round.

Pittsburgh vs Phili

Good series, same formula as the previous one for Pittsburgh, 5 games with a loss in game 4. Do they just want to win it at home? Anyways, aside from the forth game, they played great. Fleury was solid, all be it a little shaky in game one at the start, but some players really stepped up their game. Namely one Sidney Crosby. It seemed as though the Flyers put their attention into Malkin after game 1 and left Crosby to run the show, which he did. Two players that i need to mention are, 1) Staal, who once again played great and gave a valiant effort on the powerplay, which Pittsburgh seemed to be good at not giving to the Flyers to often, and 2) Hossa, who can tell Senators fans to shove it now. A man who was said to be a choke artist in the playoffs has done great for Pittsburgh. Maybe it is the lack of pressure he gets playing with Malkin or Crosby, but he honestly could end up with the Conn Smythe if he becomes a major player for them against Detroit. How fitting would that be, to have him win mvp of the playoffs after being branded a choke artist. Looks like he is working for a pretty sweet paycheck in the offseason. Having said that, Hossa is not someone you build a team around. But he is a very very good supporting character. Phili played with heart, and will most likely be ready next year. Richards grew a lot this year and is going to be a major player in the future. Give him the "C" and let him role with it for the next 11 years.

Detroit vs Dallas

All you ban wagon jumpers got on at the wrong time. I gladly gave up my seat to Glen :) Dallas played great in the first two rounds, but what can you do when you already had to beat 2 of the most heavily favoured teams? Dallas was no questions asked, out of gas come this series. Good for them to take it to six games. Dallas has a good formula to build from, and with excellence like Brett Hull up top, no doubt they will be a major player next season. Detroit is simply a solid team. They do have their weaknesses, but they are few and far between. If they get secondary scoring they are almost unbeatable.

MVP of the 3rd round: Crosby and Zetterburg. Does it really matter? :)

Now let's look to the finals...



Glen Says: Whacky Fact about this Series: Wayne Gretzky won his first Cup in his fifth season, Mario Lemieux won his in his seventh, this is Crosby's seventh.

The age of Crosby begins now, long live the Kid.

I just don't think that Detroit has it right now. I know that they are great, I know that the are amazing, but Crosby is Crosby, Malkin is Malkin, and there really isn't more to say than that.

Prediction: Pittsburgh in five.

Mr. Coin Says: I know that I went with Pittsburgh over Detroit before, but I think that I have flip flopped once more...

Prediction: Detroit in five.

Jeff Says: Now, this is a hard one for me. On one end I have Pittsburgh, who I chose to beat Detroit in the finals before the playoffs even started (yah that's right, that's how good I am). So how can I back pedal now. On the other hand I have Detroit who is just soooo good. How can I bet against them. Well ego weighs in a lot here, and I figure why not go for the glory and try for that absolute perfect predicting record. Imagine if Malkin steps up and gets Conn Smythe, that would be unheard of. Yesterday I thought to myself, why just go and say Pittsburgh all the while feeling like they'll probably lose. So screw that. I totally think Pittsburgh is going to beat Detroit. Pittsburgh has just as many weapons, these two teams matchup quite well. They hardly play each other so you don't have much of a comparison to make in terms of previous games played against each other, so whatever. I am totally behind Pittsburgh. I think they can beat Detroit, and I know they are going to beat Detroit. Whether it is Crosby or Malkin, or Staal that has to step up, one of them will. Detroit has 1 very dangerous line, and with Franzen coming back they'll have 2, but Pittsburgh has the same thing, all be it a better one two punch. It comes down to goaltending, Fleury needs to step up, and that is why I think he will end up with Conn Smythe if or when Pittsburgh wins the cup. Let's go PENS!

Stanley Cup Winner: Pittsburgh Penguins in 6 games. Evgeni Malkin Conn Smythe winner.

100% perfect record: Jeff

Jeff's Bitch: Glen

Let's see how this turns out....

Until next time,


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