Saturday, May 24, 2008

This Just Needs to be Watched...

My man crush on Keith Olbermann this...

Unreal eh?

I really have nothing else to add here, he explains it all. Hillary really will stop at nothing to win, to vaguely reference assassination in respect to Obama is startling. People have been long convinced that he would be walking the line between life and death by a) running as a black man and b) taking on the political lobbyists.

As HORRIBLE and terrible as this was, she really has gone farther to hurt herself, say (God forbid) something bad does happen to Obama, don't you think that conspiracies will start to roll?

I have had a certain respect for Clinton, but right now it's gone. After Sniper-gate, the racial remarks, the Florida-Michigan hissy fit, the attacks from bitter gate, the all but endorsment of McCain over Obama, and so much more, I really don't understand how people could support Hillary Clinton after this one. These are NOT the actions of anyone that should hold the highest office in the world.

So if by any chance Hillary or any of her advisors are reading this, I would like to offer you some advice.


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