Thursday, April 26, 2007

Glen and Troy Playoff Predictacular Round 2

First off, I'm sorry to get this off a little late, being 12 time zones away makes things complicated. Ohh and Troy is a stupid slackass who takes forever.

For those of you who read the last entry will notice, that I am far superior to Troy (which of course you all know). I decided that we would keep score, and we would get 1 point for each right series and another 1 point for predicting the right amount of games a series goes.

The Score after the first round was:

Glen: 8 (I correctly predicted that Buffalo, New Jersey, Atlanta, Anaheim, Vancouver and San Jose would move on. Plus I get two more points for calling the correct amount of games in took Buffalo and Anaheim to win)

Troy: 6 (He correctly predicted that Buffalo, New Jersey, Anaheim, Vancouver and San Jose would win. Plus he called Vancouver needed 7 games to defeat Dallas.)

Moral of this story, Glen > Troy.

Onto this round...


Glen Says:

The first round in this conference was quite a surprise that's for sure!!! I thought that the Thrashers would at least show up against the Rangers, same with the Islanders against the Sabers. Also, Ottawa, come through in the playoffs? What kind of a world do we live in!!!

Troy Says: I said Atlanta would beat The Rangers and I was right. But in a more accurate way, I was wrong. Very wrong. It wasn't even a series, it was a disaster. But to add a little perspective, this was Atlanta's first trip to the playoffs so good on them for that. Unfortunately though that isn't going to lessen the sting of being slaughtered by the Rangers. Anyway, on to round number deux.

Buffalo vs. New York Rangers

Glen Says:

Who called a Rangers upset? Yeah I'm pretty awesome like that. Man ohh man are some heads ever going to roll in Atlanta!!! Both of these teams will be really well rested in this series since they both made really short work of their first round opponent's. I know that the Rangers are getting that whole Ducks '03 vibe going with them right now but I just don't feel it. I know that Shanny will get them realy going, but I just don't see them dethroning the Sabres. They may just put the fear of God into them though. Sabres in 7.

Troy Says:

This should be a pretty good series but this is another New York team I don't see Buffalo having much trouble with. I think Shanny will lead the way for the Blue Shirts but unfortunately Drury and Briere will lead the way for Buffalo. Buffalo in 6

New Jersey vs. Ottawa

Glen Says:

Well who saw that Senator win? I know that I sure didn't!!!! The Sens looked really, really good last round but now they come up against the best playoff team of the last 12 years. I'm sorry but I don't like their odds. I think that the Devils are just going to manhandle my beloved Senators. New Jersey in 5.

Troy Says:

Well my arch nemesis thinks NJ will take this one easily so perhaps for no better reason than spite I will take Ottawa. I will use the famous Ottawa cliche and say that this year the Senators will do well in the playoffs. They played very well against Pittsburgh, better than they have maybe ever played in the playoffs and I think they can take NJ. Although if NJ wins in the first round, they tend to win the cup so I may be losing this prediction. But alas I am stubborn. Ottawa in 7.


Glen Says:

Well the first round sure had a lot of drama from Nashville's utter humiliation, to Calgary not being able to recapture the Alberta magic of the last two playoffs, to Vancouver almost collapsing. It was a pretty interesting first round and I expect the second one to be pretty similar!!!

Troy Says:

I'm a big fat jerk face who has a big butt and I like to kiss my own butt (EDITOR'S NOTE: That may not have actually happened)

Detroit vs. San Jose

Glen Says:

The Red Wings are so incredibly lucky that the Calgary Flames are A) Incapable of winning on the road and B) Terribly coached. Seriously at the beginning of the season Calgary was being discussed as a top contender for the Cup and it was hard to argue against them, plus they were playing against the most over rated team in the NHL, President's Trophy or not. Sorry, I needed to get that off my chest, onto this series. As you can probably guess from that opening rant I don't have much faith in the Red Wings and if you have been reading my blog form the beginning (which you damn well should be!!!) you will know that I have been picking the Sharks to be in the Finals all season, making this an easy decision. San Jose in 6.

Troy Says:

I hate Detroit. It sucks that they beat Calgary but with the way Calgary played on the road they did not deserve to win that series. However Detroit will have their hands full with San Jose and I think Detroit will fold against this team. Detroit (as my veggy buddy quite correctly pointed out) is terribly overrated. I'm going to go one better than Glen. San Jose in 5.

Anaheim vs. Vancouver

Glen Says:

Did the Canucks ever dodge a bullet in Game Seven or what? Man I thought that they had this series after the first four games but two solid performances from Turco (who normally CHOKES in the Playoffs) made me worry. As expected, Anaheim made a joke out of the Wild and probably let them win one game in order to give them more time to practice together and one more home game. I've been saying that the Western Final will be Anaheim vs. San Jose all year and you know how I feel about changing my mind, this should be a good series though. Anaheim in 7.

Troy Says:

I've been picking Anaheim to be in the final all year long and as much as I want to, I can't change my mind now. Vancouver will not be easy though but I just think Anaheim has too many offensive weapons and we all know Vancouver isn't exactly the Oilers of the mid-eighties when it comes to scoring. Not to mention Anaheim has two of the best D-men ever in the game in Pronger and Niedermayer. I want so badly to choose Vancouver for two reasons, A) They're Canadian, B) Glen picked Anaheim. Unfortunately though I don't see Vancouver pulling this one out. They will make it interesting though. Anaheim in 6.


Anywho, that raps this one up. I'm going to be a bit of a wandering hobo for the next couple of weeks so I'm not sure if I will get to post a prediction for Round 3, I shall do my absolute best though!!!

Enjoy the Second Round!!!

Until next time,


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