Monday, April 16, 2007

Why I Love Bloggin'

I know, I know, I should be talking about China and all, but I wanted to take a break since this is my 100th Post on this here blog. Are you excited? Because I sure as heck am!!!!

I had wanted to make my 100th Post a Special Description of my thoughts as a blogger, and also I figure it is as good of a time as any to bring back my irregular feature of "Why I Love...". I first started this blog in October and have had quite the experience since then. Some of the highlights are...

1. Giving Me a Mountaintop -- It's no surprise to people who know me that I tend to like being the centre of attention. I love that there is this entire site dedicated to me and my thoughts. I like to be able to rant about whatever is on my mind from sports to politics to my own random thoughts. I love that I can just come here and post about whatever the heck I want.

2. Easier than E-mail -- Yeah I'm getting pretty lazy these days. This blog is a super easy way for me to keep people updated on what is going on in my life as opposed to e-mailing them or heaven forbid actually talking to someone.

3. Generating Discussion -- It hasn't happened too much, but occasionally there have been some excellent discussions that come from one of my post. It happened so much so that I made this post about replying to comments, which give me a great chance to hear other people's opinions.

4. A Chance for Creativity -- I really like to write. I may not be all that great but I think that I am improving at it with every post that I make. In particular, I feel that I have made improvements in my ability to creatively explain some things which may appear mundane at first.

5. Something Permanent -- That's right, however strange this may sound, I am glad that I have this blog to serve as something permanent that I have done. I can always look back on this to know just what the heck I was thinking at any given moment. It really has made me think twice about what I type, just in case.

6. Compliments -- I know I'm vain, but I love it whenever anyone either compliments or even just comments to me on something that I blog about. It makes me feel like I matter a wee bit, which as you all know, I dig.

Anywho, there are a lot more things about Blogging that I love, but that is about all that I could think about. I just thought that I would share right now. I had best be off now, it's dinner time in this crazy country.

Until next time,


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Sandee said...

Your starfruit freeride story made me teary too. I love hearing the positive in the world. It is rare we tend to share that. Miss you tons. Hope you are having a blast