Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Last Month in Fantasy Sports - March and April

This post hurts.

I have started writing it many times, but deleted it to start another day.

I was planning on posting this over a week ago, but I just couldn't do it.

I am going to tell you about how I lost the Kodiak Hockey Pool.

Man this hurts...

Those of you who read this last month will know that my roster looked something like this:

C - LeCavalier, Jokinen, E, Staal, Dubinsky, S. Gagner
RW - Jagr, Knuble, Brown, Nolan, Upshall
LW - Holmstrom, Prospal, Malone, Carcillo,
D - Redden, Schneider, Zidlicky, Mitchell, Berrard
G - Nabokov, Price
IR - Rafalski

And well this stings...here are the moves that I made...

Drop - Add
RW Nolan - RW J. Ruutu
D Redden - LW Burrows
LW/RW Brown - LW/D Brookbank
D Mitchell - Reactivate D Rafalski
LW Carcillo - RW M. Samuelsson (* Remember this one*)
LW J. Ruutu - C Peca
C Peca - LW Cooke
D Zidlicky - D Zhitnik
D Berrard - D Normstrom
LW/RW Holmstrom - C Halpern

Yes, I cut Daniel Carcillo, a player that I had been bragging about and had been carrying my pool since I got him in December. Here's the deal. Carcillo had just gone down with an injury, and I wasn't sure how long he would be out for (Mistake #1). I was in a hurry trying to organize my pool with my upcoming trip to Laos (Mistake #2).

Low and behold I get a message form the man who was holding a slim lead on me, Jeff. He tells me that it is tough luck about Carcillo getting injured. He tells me that he will be out for a while, and will only be back for the last game or two. I believe him (Mistake to end all mistakes!!!!!!). As a result, I cut Carcillo, and finish getting packed up to go to Laos. Jeff adds him that very day.

As Carcillo returns from his injury (after only one week), he goes on a tear and starts racking up penalty minutes (which you may recall are MASSIVELY overrated in this league). At the time of this transaction Jeff and I are neck and neck and he ends up beating me by 97. Over this time Carcillo gets around 50 points. This sucks because not only did I loose those 50 points, but Jeff gains those 50 points, making it a net loss for me of 100 points. Yes you read that right, cutting Carcillo directly cost me the pool.





So the rule to remember for every year when it comes to pools is to never EVER trust your opponents, especially when it comes to your own team!!!!!

After the season was officially over I made a post congratulating Jeff I said the following "I find it fitting that I am an Ottawa Senators fan, since the two of us had some of the greatest collapses in the history of the sport this year."

I guess I have to face the same fact that my team soon will. There is always next year.

Until next time,



Anonymous said...

don't be to hard on yourself. I honestly thought Carcillo would be out for at least 2 weeks. I figured picking him up could only help me as i would keep him out of iggy's hands. It is unfortunate for you....but it does not mean you would have won. It just would have been a very close finish. :)

Maybe next year....

Anonymous said...

Next year next year next. 'tis The Cup song of the Sens Army