Tuesday, March 04, 2008

LAST Month in Fantasy Sports - Februray

Well here we are yet again, as I sit in my monthly updating of my Kodiak Hockey Pool. When I last reported, I was just under 50 points ahead of the pack, and my roster looked something like this:

C - LeCavalier, Jokinen, E, Staal, J. Carter, Umberger
RW - Jagr, Radulov, Knuble, Brown
LW - Holmstrom, Prospal, Malone, Carcillo
D - Rafalski, Redden, Schneider, Zidlicky, Commodore
G - Nabokov, Emery, Theodore

Well, get ready because a lot has changed over the past month...

Drop - Add

C Umberger - RW Walker
D Commodore - D McCarthy
D McCarthy - D Commodore
G Emery - G Price
D Commodore - D Mitchell
RW Radulov - LW Bolton
G Theodore - C Cullen
RW Walker - C Dubinsky
C Cullen - RW Barch
Place D Bryan Rafalski on IR - D Bryan Berrard
LW Boulton - RW Nolan
RW Barch - RW Upshall
C Carter - C S. Gagner

I told you I was busy...

My lead began to shrink, so I got very reactionary, messing with my roster to try and find the best fit. This led to me adding a variety of players who had been streaking, including Owen Nolan, Eric Bolton, Scott Walker, Chris McCarthy and Krys Barch, none of whom are still on my team. However, in my constant search for the right "fit" I came across a gem in Brandon Dubinsky. While not a household name, he has had the privilege of centering a line in between Sean Avery and Jaromir Jagr, who have both been hot of late. As you notice, I had an interesting decision with Mike Commodore, as I notice that he was slumping, so I dropped him for McCarthy, but then days later he was moved to Ottawa, so I felt that he would be a solid addition, so I added him again. However, he has not really jelled with the Senators, so I cut him for the returning Willie Mitchell, something that I feel was a good hockey move on my part. I made a bit of a bad choice with Jeff Carter, who I cut in the middle of a long slump for the surging Sam Gagner, but shortly after I cut Carter he got hot, I think that's the way it always is for me! Lastly, I made some changes with my goalies, as I realized that Ray Emery was not going to turn things around, and the chances of him getting traded were lessening, I dropped him for Carey Price, a move that has turned out in my favour, now that he is the unquestioned starter for the Canadiens. Also, Jose Theodore was not earning many points, and there were no other viable goalies to take, so I dropped him for another forward, a move done by a few others in the pool.

And now for the other thing that has changed. As of Friday, I am no longer in the lead, as Jeff has made a number of daring (and lucky!) moves, which have vaulted him into first place. His lead is slim (it is currently 12 points, but I have a big night tonight), but it is startling none the less. This leads to my lesson/advice of the month, NEVER ASSUME ANYTHING IN SPORTS!!!!!! A few months ago I was confident that I had the pool locked up and delivered, but here I am on the outside. I neglected some of my players and moves in November and December, and I am paying for it now. With my two week trip to Laos coming up soon, I will have to be coming from behind the 8 ball on this one, needless to say I should have thought carefully on some of my pooling decisions. Ah well, live and learn!

When looking at my last post, I said that if my lead dropped to below 40 I would have to do something drastic, well if you look at the changes that I made, you would know that I am a man of my word if nothing else! Take care and happy pooling.

Until next time,


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Jeff said...

This Jeff guy sounds like he really has his head on straight. I wish you would delve more into the moves he has made as well as other counter parts in the pool. It would give us a better indication as to how inept you may be at hockey pools. I heard through the grapevine that Jeff was at one point in last place, bottom feeding. How he made such a glorious comeback is beyond our reach as it would require superior brain power to even comprehend it. He should really apply to be the Leafs new GM. :)

But serious, what were Jeff's "daring and Lucky moves"? i heard he consulted Bisoner gods and gathered massive amounts of secret intelligence that would tell him who he should go for. It is fair that he has the service of gods to help him??