Monday, March 31, 2008

Looking Forward to Wrestlemania XXV

Alright, now that Wrestlemania XXIV is over and done with, I'm going to take this chance to look forward to the silver anniversary of the Showcase of the Immortals. I just want to throw out that after last year's Wrestlemania I named four matches that I expected to happen at Wrestlemania XXIV, and they were: Cena -Triple H, Edge-Undertaker, a Ric Flair Retirement Match, and Batista-Lashley. Well I was dead on with Edge-Taker, and a Flair Retirement match, plus I wasn't too far off with Cena-Triple H, since they both competed in a triple threat match, along with Randy Orton. Also, I couldn't have foreseen Lashley's release, so Batista faced off against Lashley's opponent from Wrestlemania 23...needless to say I was pretty close on that one.

Well in order, to look back and brag in a years time, here is what I gauren-damn-tee* the card for Wrestlemania XXV will look like.

*Note: Guarantee not at all valid.

Money in the Bank: MVP vs. John Morrison vs. Kane vs. Finlay vs. Gregory Helms vs. JBL vs. Carlito vs. Cody Rhodes

The usual tradition of throwing six to eight guys in one match and having them go nuts. This is the best group of wrestlers that I couldn't put in another match. I put them in the order that I would have them win, with Gregory Helms being the surprise entrant, since he deserves a good spot on this card after missing so much time with his neck injury, plus I think that he could bust out some good spots.

Women's Title Match: Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Candice Michelle vs. Nattie Niedhart

I think that this could be a good Women's match since all of them do have some talent, and it would be a great way to either give Nattie her first run with the belt, or to add another chapter in the Beth-Candice rivalry, which I see going very much the same way as Trish-Victoria (i.e. a lot of freaking matches)

US Title Match: Shelton Benjamin (c) vs. Ron Killings

I know that this is a bit of a stretch, but I think that Shelton will get a shot at gold at some point this year, and a feud with the newly debuted Killings could be just what the doctor ordered for both guys. I think that they would be able to put on an entertaining match, that may just give the US Title some meaning.

Battle of the Big Men - Big Show vs. Umaga vs. Khali

I really just didn't want to put any of these guys in the Money in the Bank, and I think that there would be some sort of a perverse interest in watching all three of them in the same match. I thought about adding Kane to the mix to make it a tag match, but I think that these guys could put on a pretty entertaining triple threat match if you add enough plunder to keep things interesting.

Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

I think that Jericho moving to Smackdown is pretty much inevitable. He'll probably end up in a feud with MVP, which should be pretty entertaining, but I think that Jericho really should turn into the heel that he needs to be and put him into a feud with his former WCW Rival, Rey Mysterio. Since Wrestlemania XXV is in Houston, which has a large latino population, Rey would be crazy over.

ECW Title Match - Matt Hardy (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

I think that it's only a matter of time before Matt Hardy moves on from the US Title to the ECW one (since I have other plans for both other World Titles). This should lead to the inevitable program with Jeff. I would love to see these two try and relive the other famous brother vs. brother match from fifteen years prior. The set up for this match could be pretty simple, and I think that Matt would be the most logical choice to turn heel to set this match up.

Interpromotional Match - Triple H vs. Batista

I feel weird not putting Triple H in a World Title Match at Wrestlemania, but I think that this may be his time to take a bit of a breather from the main event scene. These two can easily rekindle their old feud at the Rumble or something, and Batista can play the whole "I have the best record against you" and they can easily play off of their past history.

Legends vs. Legend Killers - Shawn Michaels and Steve Austin vs. Randy Orton and Mr. Kennedy

This Mania is taking place in Texas, and could use a Texas sized main event, so why not put the two biggest stars from that state against two up and comers who want to create their own legacy? Austin hitting a stunner would probably blow the roof off of the stadium, plain and simple.

World Heavyweight Title Match - CM Punk (c) vs. Edge

These two have some history with one another and I think that they could really go if given the chance. I see Punk cashing in his money in the bank shot sometime in the winter of this year, and have an improbable run with the title. Have Edge win the Rumble, and challenge Punk, who he sees as an easy target, only for Punk to successfully defend the title against Edge in a strong, competitive match.

WWE Title Match - John Cena (c) vs. The Undertaker

Now this is a match that could sell out a stadium. John Cena has never defeated The Undertaker in several tries, and The Undertaker is well 16-0 at Wrestlemania, plus he has won a World Championship at the last two Wrestlemanias, so obviously he has a lot going for him. I think that John Cena would be the perfect guy to end the streak, and truly cement his legacy.

Daring? Bold? Stupid? Keep watching WWE programing to find out...

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Anonymous said...

Glen, you make me want to watch wrestling again :) or well, become a writer for the WWE :) there were days where i would sit around thinking up cool story lines :)

I just can't get past how shitty the writers are in the come on, the vince macmahon is dead storyline, or the hornswaggle being macmahons son storyline, and who could forget the katie vick story, or the batista rape story. brutal, just brutal. all that aside, i think they need to tailor the money in the bank match and change it a bit.....i'm thinking, Money in the Cell. or something crazy like that. Bring back some old school stuff, or well, 90's old school. Austin/Michaels tag match would be awesome. If only they could get the rock to come back for that one as well.

I'd go for a massive, austin/michaels/hogan vs rock/orton/kennedy :)