Monday, December 03, 2007


Yesterday was a wonderful, joyous day, as we got our first REAL snowfall of the season here in the GTA. Now, while I may despise the cold (and Christmas) I am a huge sucker for the snow. I simply LOVE to play in it, one of the reasons that I enjoyed living in North Bay so much last year.

Anyway, last night the snow turned to rain as the temperature hovered somewhere between 1 and 3 degrees. Many of the boys in my residence were asking me if it was going to be a snow day. I told them that I would get right on calling my good friend Mother Nature, but all of them needed to be fully prepared for Mondays classes if we were to have any hope. Clearly, it is meteorological science that the chance of snow coming is inversely proportional to the amount of students who are counting on a snow day.

Our school has a policy, that any cancellations will be announced at 6am for that day, so I woke up a few times during the night excited at the possibility of there being a snow day. At about 6:30, I woke up to the sound of the snow plows clearing off the path just outside my bedroom. My heart raced a bit at the thought of having a three day weekend.

I then heard my cell phone beep. My sleep deprived brain began to race. Who would call this early? Is everything ok with my parents? Could one of my teacher friends have texted me to celebrate the snow day? What else could it be?

I knew that I needed to find that phone, so I crawled myself out of bed and looked for the usual spots that I leave my cell phone. The shelves at the head of my bed? Nope. The beep continued. My night table? Not there. Yet another beep. My kitchen counter? No sign of it. BEEP. I turned the lights on and my apartment upside down looking for this phone. Finally, I clued in. It was in the pocket of the sweater that I was wearing before bed, and therefore in my laundry bin.

Excitingly, I root through my dirty socks and underwear to finally retrieve my precious piece of technology. I fumble trying to open it, just like I was unwrapping a present under my tree. Could it be my first snow day of the year?

Finally I flip open the phone, excited to see that a message. Instead, I get two infuriating words come across the screen..."Low Battery".

I crawl back into bed, and get a few more precious minutes of anger filled sleep, as visions of toboggans and snow angels dance through my head.

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