Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Musical Goodness

Tomorrow evening I will, once more, take advantage of the fact that I live in and around Toronto, by partaking in a fantastic concert.  Tomorrow evening, one of the coolest and most unique indie sounds this country has to offer, Apostle of Hustle, is going to grace the stage at Lee's Palace.  Now I don't have nearly as much of a crush on this band as I do on Stars, so I am not devoting a week to them.  Sorry to disappoint any Hustle fans out there.

But I just wanted to include a few videos here.  Sorry I may be light on the content, but I'll make up for it by being high on the awesome...

Here is "National Anthem of Nowhere"

Embedded Video

...and "Cheap Like Sebastien"

Embedded Video

...and now we have the amazing video for "Kings and Queens"

Embedded Video

Lastly, we have a live version of him playing "Folkloric Feel" may be long, but it is well worth it!!!

Embedded Video

If you like any or all of those songs then come by Lee's Palace in Toronto tomorrow at 8:30, my tickets were only $15, so come on and check it out!!!

Also, on a slightly tangential note, if you like  good musics, be sure to check out McNutt's countdown of the best singles of the year (with best albums coming next week...), it really is one of my favourite features on one of my favourite blog.  For the record, I'm picking "Stronger" for best single and Neon Bible for best album.  If he says otherwise, he is just trying to make me look stupid...

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