Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Glen and Troy Playoff Predictacular Round 3

Well here we are now at the Conference Finals!!!! The second round featured some pretty big shocks, but none more than Troy being able to pull even with me in our epic point scoring game.

After the first round, I was up 8-6, but after last round the contest has taken a different face....

Glen: 10 (The 8 from the first round plus 2 more for correctly predicting Anaheim and Buffalo would advance)

Troy: 10 (His 6 from the first round, plus 3 more for being able to predict Anaheim, Ottawa and Buffalo would advance plus 1 more for being able to call the correct amount of games it would take Buffalo to dispose of the Rangers)

That's more shocking than Detroit over San Jose...


Glen Says:

Wow, Jersey sure did fold now didn't they? I've got to say that I'm pretty darned shocked!!! And good for the Rangers for doing better than most assumed that they would. I'm kicking myself for changing the amount of games it would take Buffalo to beat them at the last minute...ahh well, I've got to give Troy a chance!!!

Troy Says:

Ok...honestly....who saw Ottawa beating New Jersey in 5? I don't even think the Senators saw that coming. Even when Ottawa was up 3-1 in the series I still thought it was going to go to a game 7. NJ either loses in the first round, or goes all the way. But apparently not this year.

In the other series (which not only did I call the winner, but also the number of games) the Rangers made a tougher series of it than I thought. Towards the end I actually started thinking New York may push it to seven.

All in all the Eastern Conference Semi-finals were very good.

Buffalo vs Ottawa

Glen Says:

Here we have our second rematch from last year. I fully expect it to go the same way as last season did, high scoring, crazy offense and a Buffalo victory. Before I say the amount of games I exect this to go I'd like to add three asides that I can't think of any logical way to ease in. Aside #1: In the Senators nine previous trips to the playoffs they have only been eliminated by 4 teams (Buffalo (3 times), Washington, Toronto (4 times) and New Jersey), so I see the trend continuing. Aside #2: This marks the fifth season in a row where a Canadian team is in the final 4. Aside #3: The first two rounds I predicted that the Senators would lost in 5, and they won in 5 both times, I would rather have my favourite team win than be right. Sabres in 5.

Troy Says:

I so desperately want Ottawa to win this series but since before the season started I've been picking Buffalo in the final and I am not going to allow myself to change my mind now. This however, is not going to be an easy series for Buffalo. Ottawa has played better this year than they ever have in the playoffs and Emery has been amazing. With Drury and Briere upfront, and Miller in net, I see Buffalo edging Ottawa over the long run. Buffalo in 7.


Glen Says:
Detroit beat San Jose? Well I guess I don't look like a genius anymore...damnit!!!

Troy Says:
Well both Glen and I called Anaheim over Vancouver (although I was closer to the correct number of games and therefore am superior) but I was hoping Vancouver would have made it a better series. This wasn't really Anaheim vs Vancouver, it was Anaheim vs Luongo. If it wasn't for Luongo this series would have been over in 3 games. Atleast now the rest of the hockey world is getting to see what knid of goalie Luongo is.

Detroit vs Anaheim

Glen Says:

Detroit is a stupid team for stupid heads. The Ducks are the team of the future. The future is now. Does anyone else remember the fabbled sweep in 03? Anaheim in 4.

Troy Says:

I am still shocked that Detroit beat San Jose in the last round as I really thought Detroit would falter but they didn't. Their young guns came through and that really helped them. They suffered a big loss however as Schneider is out for the rest of the playoffs with a broken wrist and that could prove costly. Even with Schneider I still would have taken Anaheim in this series. I believe Detroit's experience will drag this series on longer than it should go. Anaheim in 6.

So we both have Buffalo vs. Anaheim in the finals, the final everyone on TSN has predicting since the start of the year...maybe it's because I'm half a world away, but I find that kind of boring.

Ahh well, I'm hoping that I'm wrong on the length of these series', the longer that they take the more likely I will be able to watch them. Ahh well, I hope that some of you are watching them for me.

Until next time,


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