Friday, October 19, 2007

Going Commando to Save Lives

I'm sure by now everyone out there has heard about the horrible crackdown going on in Myanmar right now. In response to the Junta's harsh methods, an activist group has started one of the oddest forms of civil activism ever conceived.

Apparently, in South East Asia, there is a superstition that if a man comes into contact with women's underwear that he will loose all of his power. As such, there is a group of concerned females who have starting sending their underwear to embassies of The Union of Myanmar all over the world in an effort to get them to change their policies.

I think that it is a pretty creative approach to guerrilla-peaceful protest and if the superstition went both ways (or if I wouldn't get such odd looks every time I walk into Victoria's Secret) I would send them some old pairs of my boxers right now! So if you are in possession of women's underwear, and feel like sticking it to THE MAN, or maybe are just finding a good excuse to go commando, here is the address to the embassy in Canada.

Embassy of Union of Myanmar
Sandringham Building,
85 Range Road, Suite 902-903
The Sandringham, Ottawa,
Ontario K1N 8J6

And if you happen to be somewhere else, a full list of their embassies is available at (EDITOR'S NOTE: For some reason the hyperlink function is not working, just copy and past the link to your browswer, the old fashion way)

So ladies, drop your drawers, and let freedom reign!

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