Monday, October 15, 2007

The Puck Stop - Episode 1

Hey there, welcome to yet another new feature here at Getting Glenergized. It features some familiar faces talking about a familiar topic, as Troy and I continue to talk hockey. Only this time instead of just predicting standings (which will still happen) we will be providing some insights into some current hockey related issues, and providing our always objective opinions*.

* The definition of objective being used is really quite subjective *

So without further ado, here we go with our first edition...

Topic #1: We are only six or so games into the new season, but which teams have surprised you the most so far?

Troy: Well on the plus side two teams have surprised me and no surprise, they're both Canadian. In the East Ottawa has been on fire led by some strong play by Alfredsson and Heatley and stellar play by Marty Gerber. In the West Vancouver has been very strong and have steamrolled their competition thus far. The most surprising aspect is that it hasn't all been Luongo. The Sedin twins have been playing very consistent hockey since the season started and this can only bode well for the Canucks

Glen: The two teams that have surprised me the most are actually the last two Stanley Cup Champions, the Anaheim Ducks and the Carolina Hurricanes, albeit for different reasons. The Ducks looked completely unbeatable last season, but so far they look incredibly average. I don't know if it is the retirements of Neidermayer and Selanne, the injury to Gigure, the English jet-lag, or just old fashion Cup Hangover, but these guys need to turn it up if they hope to repeat. On the other hand, the 2006 Champion, Carolina Hurricanes, have been simply amazing this season! They look just as good, if not better, than they did when they won the cup. So far, Cam Ward and Eric Staal have bounced back from disappointing seasons and this team looks like they will be back in contention.

Topic #2: Jesse Boulerice has recently received a 25 game suspension for a vicious cross-check to the face of Ryan Kesler. What are your thoughts on this?

Well it looks like the Broad Street Bullies are back as Boulerice joins teamate Steve Downie on the suspension list. I think that the cross-check on Kesler was absolutely vicious and completly inexcusable. I am really glad that the league gave such a harsh punishment, but I feel that they need to really step it up even more to hope to stop this kind of behaviour. I think that a good 30-40 games would have opened some eyes.

Troy: In this case it is plainly obvious that Boulerice had every intention of injuring Kesler. In my humble opinion then 25 games is not enough. I don't believe it is enough of a deterrent. I'll even take if a step further than my hetero lifemate Glen and take it to 41 games, half the season. I believe this would send a serious message to the rest of the league. Hockey is a violent and passionate game and things happen very quickly where decisions must be made in fractions of a second but this type of play cannot under any circumstances be tolerated.

Topic #3: Do you think that Peter Forsberg will play in the NHL this season, and if so, where?

Troy: Simple and obvious answer is yes. I'm not much of a Forsberg fan but the simple truth is that when he is healthy he can carry a team on his back. He can take a game over in an instant and that type of player is very rare and because of that any team that has a chance to go after him would be foolish not to do so. His health is a gamble, but it is a gamble well worth taking.
At this time the rumour seems to be Dallas which would certainly be a smart move on their part but at this point I think any team would have to take a serious look at him and based on that it is hard to handicap this situation. Personally I think Ottawa would be a great fit. He would add some much needed grit yet won't be counted on for all the offense allowing him time to get back into shape slowly

Glen: Yeah it's a pretty simple fact that he will come back yet again. The man has a remarkable ability to step into any level of play and be ready to dominate. Sure he's completly falling apart, but we can rebuild him...we have the technology..As for the team he'll be on, it's hard to say. It's always difficult to count out Detroit but he would fit in great with the struggling Ducks right now. But if he wants to cut down on travel then the Eastern Conference may suit him a little more, and apparently he really liked playing in Philly, so I think that he'll end up back there.

Topic #4: Troy is currently 10 points ahead of Glen in their hockey pool, what are your thoughts on this one?

Troy: Well interestingly enough most of my points have come from two players, Henrik and Daniel Sedin. And how did I acquire these two players? Oh right....Glen offered Daniel to me in a trade which I gladly accepted. But so far my team has been pretty much injury free and playing consistent. This is not over though. Glen has a solid team and it will be tough to stay out ahead but hopefully that's that's what happens"

Glen: Annoyingly you're also getting a ton of points from Brian Campbell, who I also added (as well as Marc-Andre Fleury) with Daniel Sedin for Alexander Frolov, Sergei Gonchar and Henrik Lundqvist. Honestly, I didn't think that you'd accept it as it was too much in favour of me...shows what I know...Troy is right, my team looks solid on paper, especially up front, but paper and results rarely match. Ten points is a pretty commanding league in a rotisserie scoring pool, so I have to get a lot of work out of my big guns, including Crosby AND Ovechkin, which just hasn't been happening so far this year...stupid Troy-Garbage-Face

Well that concludes the first edition of The Puck Stop, I hope that you enjoyed it!

Until next time,


Appendix -- Current Hockey Pool Rosters


C - Malkin, Marleau, H. Sedin, Sakic, Briere, Statsny, Statsny
LW - Naslund, Brunette, Gange, Huselius, D. Sedin, Zetterberg
RW - Heatley, Demitra, Perry, Satan
D - Lidstrom, Phaneuf, Zubov, Ohlund, Pitkanen, Cambell, Ryan Whitney
G - Luongo, Backstrom, Fleury


C - Crosby, Gomez, Jokinen, Staal, Roy, Savard
LW - Ovechkin, Kovalchuk, Vanek, Semin, Frolov, Tanguay
RW - Iginla, St. Louis, Michalek, Pominville, Radulov
D - Souray, Boucher, Timonen, Gonchar, O'Brien, Visnovsky, Aucoin
G - Lundqvist, Nabokov, Hasek
IR - Avery, Boyle, Schneider

Note: There are two other people playing in our pool, that's why some prominent players are missing from our lists

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