Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Holding Back the Laughter

While I have only been an official big boy teacher for a short time, I believe that I have already found my kryptonite. While my weakness is not some mystical glowing rock, it is the simple fact that kids are funny. Almost every day I am blown away by the incredible wit of my students. They are constantly doing thing that I find completely hilarious, even when I'm supposed to be getting mad at them.

Today during my Grade 11 class, I was sitting in the back listening to another teacher (I am team teaching by the way, which is AWESOME), and three of my students are misbehaving. They are quietly talking to one another and not paying any attention. I get eye contact with them and they quiet down a bit. One girl goes to throw a water bottle to one of the guys after borrowing it. She throws it in a completely gentle manner, but the guy misses it and well, it hits him in an incredibly sensitive area. I instinctively bite my lip and turn away. I feel my face start to turn read as I hold back my bodily convulsions, because let's face it, people getting hit in the groin is funny.

Instead of trying to do anything about it, seeing it was an accident, I don't do much about it, since I clearly can't even try to act stern at this point. Instead, the next time the group continues to talk, I stand over next to them and they quietly pay attention. Which is great and all, but it doesn't compete with a water bottle in the groin.

So blogosphere, any thoughts on this one? Should I grow up and stop finding shots to the junk so funny, or did I do the right thing then and there? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated on this one...

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Robbblog said...

Crotch shots are always hysterical, don't chage Glenster! Don't change!