Thursday, February 08, 2007

And you ask me why I'm vegan??

Today I found two little news stories that make me quite happy that I haven't eaten an animal product in two and a half years.

The first of which was the news, that they discovered their 9th case of Mad Cow in Alberta since 2003. This has to really hurt for Canadian Cattle farmers, since this will of course get quite overplayed with the American Media and will no doubt hurt their trade. I do not wish any ills to the cattle farmers, who I believe are generally good, honest people. But you know what, I hope that Mad Cow cases like this really make people wonder about just what they are eating.

There is a new enhanced feed ban coming into place in July, which aims to eliminate cases of BSE (Mad Cow) within 10 years. Yes, 10 years. How does that make you omnis feel about eating potentially contaminated meat over the next decade?

People need to realize that when you eat an animal, you are eating everything that animal has eaten. Animal feed is often made up of some of the worst things. The Canadian Feed Policy states:

"Canadian producers may feed their ruminants only approved animal protein (products) such as pure porcine, equine, poultry and fish products. Protein that includes meat and bone meal from mammals other than pigs and horses is prohibited in ruminant feeds. Milk, blood, gelatin, rendered animal fats and their products have not been banned."

So that means for the next ten years that you are indirectly eating horse bones and blood. Sounds lovely doesn't it?

One of my favourite sites, Vegan Porn (not as bad as it sounds), has a great on-line store, and this is a logo on one of their shirts. Hilarious eh?

I'm a medium if you are wondering.

Also in the news. Britain has called for an EU-wide ban on Seal products. This is mainly due to concerns over the annual Canadian Seal Hunt. Honestly one of the worst things ever. I can't believe that our government allows, supports and sponsors this act of barbarism. I was googling some pictures to post on here and so many of them were gruesome and I didn't want to put here, but here are some good before pictures.

Disgusting isn't it?

Before I sign off, I have to ask. If clubbing a seal for fur is wrong then why is slitting a cow for leather right?

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