Monday, February 26, 2007

Thoughts On Everything

Hey there, I have had a bit of a hankering to blog of late (man that sounds it to late to through in a That's what she said!!?) but I have lacked the means. So I have decided that I am going to just do a series of quick thoughts on what I would have been blogging about more so if I had access to the outside world from my dad's place.

I really don't care about the Oscars: I haven't seen The Departed yet or The Last King of Scotland, so there goes my thoughts on just about all of the big winners from last night. Hell, I didn't even see Cars so I can't even complain that they were robbed like everyone else seems to be doing. I think that the only movie that won anything that I saw was Little Miss Sunshine, and I am glad that Alan Arkin took home a statue for that one. I'm still made that Sascha Baron Cohen didn't even get nominated for Borat. Seriously.

The Thrashers Over Payed for Tkachuk: Yeah I know he's a good player and will help a slumping team out in the short term, but they really sacrificed a lot of their future. That's a lot of draft picks that they aren't going to have for the next two years. I could see a strong Cup Contender making a big move like that, but Atlanta is really fooling themselves if they think that they will make it past the second round of the playoffs. If they really wanted to get the guy they should have waited until the off-season and offered him a big pile of cash then.

Another Trudeau: What a surprise, Justin Trudeau is running in a Montreal riding. I always knew that Justin would join the Liberal party someday and I would not be surprised to see him be the leader someday. If Dion and co. can not get it done in the next election, than he may even be the party leader by as early as 2008.

Scientists Realize That Global Warming is Real: In other news, the sky is blue and pigs are in fact, incapable of flight.

Britain Tells 1,500 Troops to Leave Iraq, Sends Royalty as a Replacement: I am pretty shocked at both of those news stories to be honest. While public opinion in Britain has been against the Iraq war since the beginning, I thought that Blair was stubborn/stupid/stuck far enough up Bush's ass enough to stay the course. As for sending Harry in, it is clearly a big publicity stunt, I would be both shocked and awed if he sees any real danger.

Didn't They Just Make a Movie About This One?: James Cameron of Titanic fame is directing an upcoming documentary where they unearth the remains of Jesus and find out that he was married to Mary Magdalene. First off, if this sounds familiar than you are not experiencing deja-vu, you have just read/watch The Da Vinci Code. I really don't get why everyone is so obsessed with Jesus' blood-line or proving/debunking the Bible. All of these things are just tiny little details and really have nothing to do with Christ's teachings. Should that not be the focus of Christianity instead of all of this other junk? Other religions don't seem to have this problem, there are all sorts of myths/legends/stories about people like Confucius or Mohammad, but nobody cares. They focus on the teachings and the core values instead. Novel idea to think about the beliefs of a religion is it not?

Placement Continues to Go Well: Lastly, I am still really enjoying my Grade 11 and 12 classes. I have been teaching the Grade 11's for the past week or so and enjoying it quite a lot. While I am still unsure if teaching High School Math is what I want to do with my life, I have really been enjoying the experience of doing it.

I think that is about all that I have to say on life/the news at the moment. I would have much longer rants about all of these subjects in different scenarios, but this will have to do for now.

Not sure when I will get a chance to post again, or even if any of you out there care. But I will try to get another post or two in this week, but in typical Glen-style, I remain vague and non-committal. Deal with it.

Until next time,


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