Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Latest Music Crush

It started out simply enough.

A message from a friend saying "You should check this artist out".

I faithfully obliged, I would never ignore musical advice from McNutt my Musical Messiah (who I seem to mention in every post I do about music, funny that...).

I opened up my Limewire and downloaded a few songs.

I was hooked from the moment her voice came over my laptop speakers. I can't turn back now.

Last week, McNutt introduced me to the amazing sound that is Lily Allen. She made it big in Britain last year (unfortunately after I left, I missed the boat on this one!!!), and could potentially be making a splash on this side of the pond.

Of course she is an amazing musician, but is also incredibly beautiful. Don't believe me? Then let this picture do the talking...

...I thought so.

But back to her musical abilities. Her beats are poppy and skaesque, which give her a happy, danceable sound. Her voice is one of the most amazing ones that I have heard in a long time. It sort of reminds me of Feist, but far more upbeat and uptempo.

While I love her angelic voice, I am a bigger fan of her diabolical wit. She has some of the most poignant, cutting lyrics you will ever hear. On "Shame for You" she says to her ex trying to sweet talk her "Oh my gosh, you must be joking me, if you think that you'll be poking me". Tell me that doesn't make you laugh? And her song "Not Big" deals with hilarious ways that she will tell everyone that her ex is short in the manhood department.

But she's not all sass I swear!!!! In fact, I think that she may have the perfect mix of edge and insight. Something that I clearly am a big fan of. In "Sunday Morning" she explores the awkwardness that people feel when someone says "I love you". A number of her songs deal with heartbreak in a very mature and grounded way.

Anyway, I can't really rant much more if I'm not going to give some of you a chance to hear her songs. These first two videos are from her performance on Saturday Night Live last weekend.

Here is her song Smile which reached #1 in the UK last year:

And here is her awesome song "LDN":

Fitting that she is introduced by Drew Barrymore, my biggest celebrity crush now isn't it? I wonder if there was tension between the two of them backstage.

And lastly, here is the video for my favourite song of hers "Alfie". While it sounds upbeat and light, it deals with some pretty serious issues. Plus, puppets are funny...

Love her yet? Well if you don't, I have to warn you that you may want to keep it to yourself. Someday Lily and I will be getting married, and if you say bad things about her now then I will tell her someday. Things may get awkward between us then.

And now I'm going to get back to daydreaming...

Until next time,


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