Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Obligatory September 11th Post

We all know what happened six years ago today. I wasn't directly touched by the events, so I don't feel as if I have any special insight to provide. Like many of you I found myself glued to the TV, watching with shock, horror, anger, and sadness.

Also, like many of you, my attitudes about these attacks has drifted towards cynicism and my anger has been redirected at those who have misused the tragic events for their own purpose. I think that this, coupled with the time has helped many of us forget something incredibly important. That's that 3000 innocent people where killed that day and that 3000 families and groups of friends were torn apart that day.

I found this phenomenal video on YouTube which puts together the events and newscasts from that day in a wonderful retrospective. I think that the use of "Hands" by Jewel is a wonderful addition, especially the line "In the end, only kindness matters".

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