Sunday, September 16, 2007

Further Cosmetic Changes

So I think that I'm finally happy with how my blog looks now. As you probably noticed I have been playing around with the logo at the top of your screen right now, and I like the one that I've got...for now.

Also, if you scroll down a bit and look at your right you will notice a couple of amazing things that I added courtesy of, which is something that I first talked about several months ago. First off, I have gone back to the "Top Artists This Week" since I am once again regularly connected to the webernets, and I have also added two separate players. The top is my own personal playlist of songs that I have added for your rockin' pleasure, and the seconds is a radio station that the site allows users to set up, I simply decide on an artist and it will play songs by that artist or ones that are similar. So I proudly introduce my first Artist of the week, a wonderful band called The Guillemots, who were recommended to me by a travel buddy, Stephen, back in May, and I finally got around to listening to them. So check back on a semi-regular basis to listen to whoever I have been listening to of late.

I hope that you like the changes I have made to the blog, I think that it will be the end of them...for now....

Until next time,


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