Saturday, September 08, 2007

An Overdo Stream of Thought Rant

I was just unpacking my life and I found a piece of paper of particular interest to me. You see last year in Teacher's College we were asked to spontaneously write our thoughts on Education down, and well I decided to go full scale stream of conscious and see what came up. I thought it may be a good thing to share with any of my teacher friends out there, enjoy...


I am a firm believer that education is a powerful tool. If harnessed properly it is capable of saving the world, if not it has the power to destroy. I believe very seriously that education is, by and large, misused. Far too often it is used to fit people into round holes, despite the fact that they may be square pegs. I firmly believe that education should help nurture creativity and ingenuity and not quash it. It should teach people the value of questions and not merely answers. Education needs to find the balance between the practicality of the issue and the theory that goes into it. Education needs to be inclusive to everyone, regardless of race, gender, social standing, or ability level. Education needs to go beyond mere subject matter and teach holistically. With every subject there should be the goal of making each student a better person in some way. For example, one learns history in order to critically analyze a source, and not to memorize dates and figures. If a student is able to take these lessons and apply them to their lives, perhaps question an item seen on the news rather than accept it at face vale, then the teacher has succeeded. The most important aspect is that every student is a teacher and every teacher is most definitely a student. It is all our responsibility as teachers, students, and human beings to make the world a better place. Education is the only thing that can accomplish this.


Hmmm it's not as long when I type it up now is it?

Anyway, to sum up my thoughts on education...stick it to THE MAN!!!

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