Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Ides of March - Part 2

I am going to take a bit of a break from the wrasslin' posts for a minute and post about something I talked about a while ago, My Ides of March.

On March 27, 2006, I left Scotland. Give a click right here if you want to read the general story of that one.

I don't really have as much to add as I did for my last Ides of March entry since it is not nearly so long ago or as influential. But I just wanted to make a quick recognition as to the day and that I am thinking about it.

As I think about it, it really blows my mind as to how different these past 365 years have been for me as a result of my departure.

For starters, I would not have had the summer I did at Kodiak. I may not have gone at all or I may have gone for the second session alone. That would have robbed me of the best, most educational summer I have ever had in my life. I grew so much, I met so many people, I had the best time ever.

Second of all, my year at Nipissing would have been vastly different. Chances are I wouldn't have been so in to my section and all of the friends that I made. Therefore I am sure that my year has been so much better than it otherwise would have been.

Right now, my future is really up in the air for next year. Where to go, what to be? Stay local, go international? Stick to teaching, think about something else? I have no idea right now, but suffice to say my plans have been getting a wee bit more focused over the past couple of months, due to some wonderfully unforeseen developments. I'll keep you informed on that one blogees.

Anyway, I'm sorry that this is such a lame blog entry, first of all I'm typing this up in class, second of all I am rather exhausted and drained with school/life at the moment. Plus, I seem to only be able to be thinking about wrestling of late...

Until next time,


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