Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some Random Videos to Share

Hey all, I have quite the head cold so I don't feel like typing up a real entry here, so I thought maybe I would use the magic of YouTube to share some videos with you, my devoted blogees.

First off, you all know my love of Facebook. Here is a hilarious video that sums it up nicely.

Here comes my favouritest Band right now, The Arcade Fire, doing a live cover of The Clash's "Guns of Brixton" at St. John's Church in London a few months ago. Simply amazing.

Speaking of The Arcade Fire, here is an unofficial video to "My Body is a Cage". Where some genius fan put this song to clips from "Once Upon a Time in the West", I think it's so incredibly cool!!!

The last bit of The Arcade Fire (sort of), their former violinist, Owen Pallett as Final Fantasy doing a cover of "Fantasy" by Mariah Carey. Simply awesome.

Alright enough Arcade Fire for is a hilarious video that I posted on here once before, but as a history teacher I do believe that it is important to be aware of historical figures. Thankfully we have this video.

I just stumbled across this video by LCD Soundsystem last night and I think that it's pretty awesome. Makes me think about what I'll be like as a traveller.

I can think of no better man to feature in the last video than legendary entertainer, Robert Goulet. Da-ba-dee-da-ba-dooo!!!

Well that's the end of that chapter. Hope you enjoyed!!!!

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McNutt said...

Two things re: LCD Soundsystem.

1. Their best video is for "Tribulations" from their last album, a strong contender for one of my favourite videos thus far this decade. YouTube it.

2. The new LCD Soundsystem album "Sound of Silver," was purchased by me on Tuesday and enjoyed greatly shortly thereafter! Download ASAP!