Friday, March 02, 2007

Welcoming Myself to 2001

It's official, I have officially caught up to trends from 6 years ago. Yesterday, I bought an iPod. My mother gave me some money for Valentine's Day/going to China (Thanks again Mom, I love you!!!) to spend on either on iPod or a Digital Camera. After a while of weighing the options I decided to go with the iPod since I have really wanted one for a long ass time.

I went with the 30 GB Black version. It's very sleek, very sexy, and may be my new best friend. Sad? Undoubtedly. A sign of our times? You had best believe it.

I love being able to hold my collection of CD's and downloaded songs in the palm of my hands. I love that I can find another reason to ignore random people as I walk around. I love that I can show off all of my pictures to whoever I meet. I love the 21st Century!!!!

I had best be off, I'm going to go and find my Space Odyssey.

Until next time,


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Glenn said...

Dude, your awesome. Love the blog. Didnt really consider myself a blog reader, but yours is quite enjoyable to read whilst at work lol. Very stoked to be sharing a name with you, albeit mine has 2 n's.. Not matter.. Rock on!

Have fun in China dude. If all go's to plan then I should be there myself, mid year, working in Hong Kong. W00t!!

Buff Chinese boys. What more can I say? Ill be like a kid in a fucking candy store! ;p