Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some Insights Into My Twisted...Face???

Over the past few weeks I have seen these "Celebrity Look-alike" posts come up on Stalkbook and they have served quite entertaining. I have spent a considerable amount of time posting pictures of my face to this site to get some results. I have had everyone from Patrick Stewart to Hayden Christensen to Hugh Heffner Elle McPherson come up. But this seemed to be the one that worked out the best...mainly because there are no bald old men or female supermodels.


So apparently I'm three parts Italian, one part Mummy Hunter, one part Superman, one part Android, one part obnoxious pop star, one part female news anchor and one part Jedi. This site is eerily accurate.

Anyway, I had best get back to work now...and by get back I mean start. I missed school...

Until next time,


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